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Sugato Hazra

When Money Returns

The success or failure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s higher denomination currency note cancellation drive will be measured by how much of such notes finally fail to come back into the system. Juries are already out on this, variously...

Inertial Agencies

While S&P, Moody's, Fitch, etc stay favourable to developed economies even as they slump, they reluctantly move our ranks up when we register better growth That rating agencies are, often enough, more conservative while rating a developing economy than doing...

Angry Young Anchor

After becoming a brand bigger than the channel he worked for, Arnab Goswami moves on even as the competition is still cursing him There was television news before Arnab Goswami entered the scene. In fact, in the NDTV hierarchy, Arnab was relatively...

BJP’s Foot-In-Mouth Disease

If one looks at the history of foot-in-the-mouth disease in Indian politics, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will always rank on the top. The recent comment of BJP’s Dayashankar Singh, a vice president of its Uttar Pradesh unit, is...

Social Media: Maneka Nanny Not Required

All social networking sites have adequate safeguards against unwanted elements Is social media a fresh wave of participatory journalism, with consumers too having a say in how they view news, or does it signal the nadir of a civilized debate?...

‘Spinderella’ On Smelly Graph

Abusing Smriti Irani relentlessly is not fun Spinderella" screamed the headline of a regional English daily. It was accompanied by a morphed picture of Smriti Irani on a spinning wheel. The picture had given equal prominence to a tweet from...

Civil Aviation Must Take Off Now

The NDA government released the country's civil aviation policy on 17 June. This has been hanging fire for two decades despite an equally long struggle to build infrastructure. Now it is time to prepare for a forecast 20% annual...

Kejriwal To Sanders To Trump, Activists Simply Don’t Get It

That politics has turned nasty does not need any iteration. What is pathetic is how the same finds favour with the voters. The single factor that saw Donald Trump ousting all other Republican contenders, many with successful track records,...

This Budget Is Transformational

The Union Budget presented on 29 February in Parliament has focused on 3 sectors: Boosting of agriculture and farm sector Boosting rural economy and generate employment opportunities Improving social sector...

Thought Leaders, Work On Your Thoughts

Secularism all of a sudden has competition from nationalism. The competition has spilled onto the streets with one subtle change in terminology. The opinion peddlers steeped in the milk of secularism have shunned the word and opted for a...

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