Friday 15 January 2021
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Pankaj Saxena

Author writing on history, Hindu architecture and literature, chief editor of Indic Varta, currently working at Centre for Indic Studies


Karnataka: Hoysala-era Mahakali idol at ASI-protected temple vandalised

Vandals have destroyed the only Mahakali vigraha of a particular style (depicted in the photographs) commissioned by the Hoysala dynasty in the uniquely famous...

Rama Temple Architecture: Agama Shastra Debate & Beyond

Any transgression be forgiven, a bhakta cannot help suggest adding some layers of beauty to the abode of beloved Prabhu Sri Rama

Hindu Response To Crisis: Knowing Us Through Architecture

The Hindu society's response to unbearable stress and strife has been one of construction while those panning the civilisation have a shameful history of destruction