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Sagnik Chakraborty

Bheto Bangali: Why And How You Identify One

A one-word translation for 'bheto' may be an exercise in futility; phrases like 'rice-influenced' or ‘rice-oriented’ do serve as literal translations while not quite bringing out the rich and diverse connotations of this one-word nomenclature used to describe the typical Bengali mentality, one that transcends diet and encompasses multiple aspects of life

Sabarimala demonstrates to Hindus what unity can achieve

It was a harrowing week: one that witnessed a battle of nerves, ample drama, changing of stances by eminent people and challenging moments for those involved. What stood out amidst all this, however, was the steely resolve of a...

Sri Krishna Janmashtami: Contemplation of a layman

He is the most easily accessible, the most lovable, affable and genial — like a child. Thus is He Madhuram, the sweet, MadhurAdhipati, the Lord of Sweetness. He is attained by the Gopikas and the Gopas through sharanaagati or...

Third Greatest Victim Of Terror Hits Back

The elimination of Abu Dujana, a top Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist listed among the most-wanted in Jammu & Kashmir, in a joint anti-terror operation in Pulwama on 31 July is a significant chapter in the story of improved success that the...

Guru Gobind Singh: Warrior Saint

As we celebrate the 350th birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh or Prakash Parav, it is hard to ignore the fact that seldom has there been a hero of his stature. While his date of birth as per the Gregorian...

Flamboyant Fourth For Ronald’Or

He is flamboyant, stylish and one of the best icons of Association Football on the planet to currently play the sport. And he just won the prestigious Ballon d’Or for the fourth time. The beauty of ‘Jogo Bonito’, as the...

The Lamba & Short Of Sherawat

The recent attack in Paris by masked gunmen on Indian actress Mallika Sherawat seems to have created quite a flutter and generated some attention for an actress who had attained considerable fame and fortune in the last decade on...

Mamata Fiddles As Bengal Burns

Barely had the rhythmic beats of the dhak, the traditional festive drums, died out on Vijaya Dashami, the concluding day of the Durga Puja, that the State of Bengal witnessed serious and ugly communal flare-ups in multiple pockets. Widespread...

Sunrise from Urban Rooftop

The clouds play Holi in the scarlet sky, I watch in wonder as a fresh day dawns, The gushing blood in me a new life spawns, A sweet-scented wind goes wafting by. I drink in with my eyes the sun’s first rays, A sublime...

Messi’s Fifth Golden Ball

Lionel Messi has done it again! Association Football’s greatest star has won the prestigious Ballon d’Or for the fifth time — a record that is to stay for some time. Breaking records and making history is nothing new to...

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