Wednesday 20 January 2021
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Bharati Sinha

A journalist for 20 years reporting on economy, business, politics and government. She has worked for 7 years with Hindustan Times, 7 years with Business Standard, 3 years with the India Today Group and 2 years with Star News. She was media advisor to Union Cabinet Minister Kapil Sibal during UPA 1. She later worked as CEO, Media, with Perfect Relations and as Communications Director with Greenpeace India. In her college days, she was elected as Vice President of Delhi University Students Union


Child adoption: AAP govt delegates jobs to NGOs to evade RTI?

New Delhi: The government of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi, led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, had claimed to provide a qualitatively superior government...

AIIMS’ patient registration system PM boasted of can be abused by criminals

Anybody masquerading as a relative can subject a debilitated patient to undue treatment at India's premier medical institution New Delhi: To keep it simple, let’s start...

Hushing Up Indian Hash

How does an intoxicating contraband substance produced exclusively in a part of India end up in faraway Europe as a prized commodity? Malana Cream, the hash...