Chandrakant D Patil new chief of Maharashtra BJP

Swatantra Dev Singh, an OBC leader, was on Tuesday appointed the BJP's Uttar Pradesh president, replacing Union Minister Mahendra Nath Pandey

Karnataka Speaker, MLAs vehemently disagree in SC

Ten rebel MLAs of the ruling coalition of Karnataka said in the Supreme Court their resignations had to be accepted; the Speaker asked for a day to decide

Floods affect 7 million in Bihar and Northeast

Floods situation remained grim in parts of the northeast and Bihar as the death toll mounted to 44 on Monday, with 7 million people affected.

Rohingyas loitering around in Tripura arrested

Rohingyas use the Tripura corridor of the India- Bangladesh border to enter India from the neighbouring country, BSF officials said.

Pakistan reopens airspace 4.5 months after Balakot strikes

Pakistan has permitted all airlines to fly through its airspace from today, Indian airline operators will start using normal routes.

Amarinder discusses Kartarpur corridor, food debt with PM, EAM

Amarinder Singh urging the central government to work more closely with Pakistan government to conclude agreement on the Kartarpur corridor.

Alphons wants age limit for civil service exams reduced

Alphons on Monday sought a reduction in upper age limit of candidates appearing in civil service examination to 26 years.

Child rape: Nationwide data collection by Supreme Court

A 10-day nation-wide exercise to collect data on sexual assault on children (child rape) for effective and expeditious prosecution.

Rafale offset contracts to help train, skill youth: Sitharaman

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharman on Monday said the offset contract of Rafale fighter jet deal will help to train and skill youth in India.

Kolkata Metro tragedy: ‘Medha’ rakes withdrawn from operation

The accident took place on Saturday when Sajal Kanjilal, a resident of south Kolkata, was trying to board a Kabi Subhash-bound train.

Ajitesh a Dalit? Sakshi Mishra story turns murkier

The credentials of Ajitesh are coming across as dubious, with several neighbours saying they had never heard before that Ajitesh was a Dalit

Javadekar: Efforts to develop drought-, flood-tolerant seeds

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday said in the Rajya Sabha, there is a variable impact of climate change on crop production.
Partial lunar eclipse

Partial lunar eclipse in night of 16-17 July

Country can witness a three-hour-long partial lunar eclipse early Wednesday when the Earth will move between the sun and the moon.

Chandrayaan-2 mission called off 1 h before launch

The launch of Chandrayaan-2 on board Geosynchronous Launch Vehicle GSLV-Mk-III, dubbed as 'Baahubali', was scheduled for 2.51 am.

Chandrayaan 2 launch postponed due to technical snag

Launch of Chandrayaan-2 onboard GSLVMkIII-M1— scheduled for 2.51 am— was stopped 56 minutes and 24 seconds before liftoff at 1.55 am.
Chip converts wasted heat into electricity

This chip converts wasted heat into electricity

The method, described in Nature Nanotechnology, uses a silicon chip called 'device' that converts more thermal radiation into electricity

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Ajitesh and Sakshi and Rajesh Mishra

Sakshi-Ajitesh Affair May Not Be A Case Of Liberty

Sakshi Mishra and Ajitesh Kumar are news because their affair has divided society: not all Dalits are happy and not all Brahmins are upset
Both Trump and Modi protect businessmen

Protect Consumers If You’re Democratic Protectionists

While President Donald Trump seeks to protect American businessmen and Prime Minister Narendra Modi guards their Indian counterparts, shed a tear for the more populous yet choiceless consumers in either country
Budget 2019 Modi

Budget VI: Does Modi Know Economics At All?

From the things Nirmala Sitharaman chose to make dearer and cheaper, and the continuity of incremental approach of Arun Jaitley to reforms, it is clear Narendra Modi has been the de facto finance minister all throughout. And his understanding of economics is questionable, notwithstanding his big dreams.
Trump-Xi trade talk

Use Trade As Strategic Weapon Against China

When China seeks a reduction in duties on its exports, India must put forth the condition it must prevail upon Pakistan to act against the terrorists the Islamic state sponsors
Article 370 Jammu and Kashmir

Article 370 Warrants Abrogation, Not Jingoistic Speeches

Not many fans of the Narendra Modi government can be held from turning hostile if the BJP keeps forwarding excuses for not abrogating Article 370 and Article 35A
Congress president Rahul Gandhi

Congress Chief, Change Your Team, Stop Negativity

The coterie of Congress president Rahul Gandhi has guided him in the wrong direction for the past five years, and it continues to do so ― to the utter misfortune of Indian democracy that is deprived of a serious, viable opposition

Sanjiv Bhatt: A Dubious Cop Retires In Jail

The presence of rogue cops like Sanjiv Bhatt in the system, who either do a government's bidding or become a law unto themselves, calls for police reforms
encephalitis deaths in Bihar

Encephalitis deaths were preventable: Heads must roll

The Bihar administration failed in both prevention and cure of acute encephalitis syndrome that claimed the lives of more than 100 children
Mamata meets doctors

Doctors, citizens cannot expect much from Mamata

Mamata Banerjee once saw a Maoist in anybody who disagreed with her; she saw in a rape victim a sex worker; now she sees in protesting doctors her rival BJP
Prashant Kanojia

Kanojia, There’s No Freedom For Defamation

Freedom of telling a truth alone is unexceptionable, a cause worthy of fighting for; both journalists and fly-by-night operators in the media industry must note that FoE is not a licence for slander
Modi Raj

Modi Raj: Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

Are there any jobs or opportunities for bhakts? Doesn’t look like it. They will chant ‘Modi-Modi’ and swear. They don’t want anything in return!
Nusrat Jahan

Nusrat Jahan: The Appearance, The Act, The Message

Nusrat is not representing the land of Lalan Faqir either; she is just being one of those innumerable happy-go-lucky, city-bred young Indians
Hindu wedding 1

Demonisation of Wedding Rituals Smacks of Hindu-Illiteracy

There can be no better Hindu ritual than the widely prevalent and most visible practice of wedding rituals for such demonisation by cultural leftists

Every Opposition Party Facing Coup Cause For Concern

There is a need for strong opposition to keep the ruling elite in order, conforming to the written constitutional code
5 trillion economy

$ 5 Trillion Economy By 2024 An Impossible Dream

It will take a sustained 12% compounded growth in the economy year-on-year from now when we are at $ 2.8 trillion GDP

Haldighati: Beginning, Not End, Of Maharana Pratap

A closer look as to why historians have not done justice to the larger impact of the Battle of Haldighati on its anniversary  
litchi plantation muzaffarpur

Litchi did not kill children, Bihar govt’s incompetence did

The Bihar administration has been so callous this time that even the critical measures that the State had taken 5 years ago during another outbreak of AES were not repeated; this is over and above the fact that litchi is not harming well-fed children; that malnourishment is a burning issue in Bihar is a failure of its government too

Terror attack in Ayodhya warrants capital punishment

The crime of convicts in 2005 Ayodhya attack is as grave as Afzal Guru's; if terror convicts are wriggling out of a legal loophole, plug it
Modi government

Government Suffering From Moby-Dick Syndrome

The Modi government must overcome the prime minister’s incrementalist instincts and boldly carry out radical reforms


Modi Must Dare Attempt Big-Ticket Reforms To Boost Economy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi must take address the issue of too many sectors of the economy underperforming as is education