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Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay: Whose Pen Shaped Modern Indian Thought

Bankim Chandra has become primarily famous for his work Anandamath and the song Vande Mataram. While he is always seen as a nationalist figure his works reflected that they were far beyond patriotic novels and poems

Allahabad HC to examine petition against Modi’s election

Yadav has filed the election petition, alleging his nomination paper was wrongly rejected by the returning officer

Ram Lalla’s lawyer: Lord Ram’s birthplace cannot be claimed

Ram Lalla Virajman, a deity which is one of the parties in the decades old Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute, said that Hindus have always asserted and practised their right to worship at the Janamsthan or birthplace

CBI had asked Chidambaram to appear in 2 h after HC denial of bail

The CBI team left the premises after confirming that Chidambaram was not present at the address on Tuesday, they said

Probe against Chidambaram widened, more FIPB approvals: ED

The ED has found, the sources said, that Chidambaram and Karti are "beneficial owners" of several shell firms that have been incorporated both in India and abroad

Lashkar terrorist killed in Baramulla encounter

The dead terrorist had been identified as Momin Gojri, a resident of Baramulla, affiliated to Pakistan-based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba

चिदंबरम की अम्मा कांग्रेस कब तक ख़ैर मनाएगी?

चिदंबरम की गिरफ़्तारी और उन्हें कोर्ट द्वारा सज़ा दिलवाए जाने पर मोदी सरकार के अंतर्गत काम कर रही जाँच एजेंसियों पर लोग यह कहकर उंगली नहीं उठाएंगे कि ये संस्थाएँ कोर्ट में अकर्मण्य साबित होती हैं

Chidambaram clinches on cliché: Charges ‘politically motivated’

Chidambaram said observations of the high court that the magnitude of the case justifies denial of bail is manifestly "illegal and unjust"

Chidambaram gets no immediate respite from Supreme Court

Since Chidambaram wasn't at his residence, late at night, the CBI pasted a notice on the wall outside P. Chidambaram’s house

IAF substituting outdated weapons with indigenous arms

IAF Chief Dhanoa, at an event for the launching of books on indigenisation efforts of defence equipment, said that the process of using indigenously developed equipments has already been started in a big way

Chidambaram, facing imminent arrest, on the run

The pleas of Chidambaram were turned down by both the Delhi high court and the Supreme Court; he is reportedly absconding since 6:30 PM, Tuesday

INX media: Finally a court goes against Chidambaram

FIPB clearance to INX Media for receiving overseas funds to the tune of ₹305 crore in 2007 when Chidambaram was Finance Minister

NRC in Assam India’s internal matter: Jaishankar in Dhaka

Jaishankar in a joint press conference with Momen said that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam is India's "internal matter"

IIT-Mandi developing technology to convert heat into electricity

The IIT professor noted that in the Western world, many automobile companies, including Volkswagen, VOLVO, Ford and BMW are developing thermoelectric waste heat recovery systems that promise 3-5% improvements in fuel economy
ISRO chairman K Sivan Our hearts skipped a beat

ISRO chairman: Our hearts skipped a beat

As ISRO scientists started firing Chandrayaan-2's onboard liquid engine to put the spacecraft in an orbit around the Moon, Sivan said, "our heartbeat increased"
Chandrayaan-2 successfully inserted into the lunar orbit

Chandrayaan-2 successfully inserted into lunar orbit

Chandrayaan-2 was successfully inserted Lunar Orbit Insertion manoeuvre was completed today, the orbit achieved was 114 km x 18,072 km

Social media pressured to fight misinformation about vaccines

Social media companies have struggled to combat fake news of all sorts, from political propaganda to bogus warnings about vaccines such as MMR for measles, mumps, and rubella

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Kashmir Historic Wrong Corrected By Modi Govt

Kashmir: Historic Wrong Corrected By Modi Govt

The torture chamber for India in general and Hindus in particular was awaiting deliverance by a strong, resolute, tactful government
Muslim Women Law

Muslim Women Act Proves Modi Can If He Wants To

The passing of the Muslim Women Bill in the Rajya Sabha, which has established BJP's floor management prowess, must wake Hindus and the middle class up to pressure PM Narendra Modi to legislate what they have been demanding for ages
Andhra Pradesh deserved better than YS Jaganmohan Reddy

Andhra Pradesh Cannot Afford Insulation

If forcing the private sector to reserve jobs for locals has not made any country or province richer, Andhra Pradesh cannot be an exception
Modi turning Muslim

Dumping Ideology: Suicidal Game Of Modi 2.0

Modi's ploy of expanding the voter base of his party by turning a socialist in economic policy might have worked; turning a quasi-Muslim or pseudo-Christian will not
Ajitesh and Sakshi and Rajesh Mishra

Sakshi-Ajitesh Affair May Not Be A Case Of Liberty

Sakshi Mishra and Ajitesh Kumar are news because their affair has divided society: not all Dalits are happy and not all Brahmins are upset
Both Trump and Modi protect businessmen

Protect Consumers If You’re Democratic Protectionists

While President Donald Trump seeks to protect American businessmen and Prime Minister Narendra Modi guards their Indian counterparts, shed a tear for the more populous yet choiceless consumers in either country
Budget 2019 Modi

Budget VI: Does Modi Know Economics At All?

From the things Nirmala Sitharaman chose to make dearer and cheaper, and the continuity of incremental approach of Arun Jaitley to reforms, it is clear Narendra Modi has been the de facto finance minister all throughout. And his understanding of economics is questionable, notwithstanding his big dreams.
Trump-Xi trade talk

Use Trade As Strategic Weapon Against China

When China seeks a reduction in duties on its exports, India must put forth the condition it must prevail upon Pakistan to act against the terrorists the Islamic state sponsors

Article 370 Warrants Abrogation, Not Jingoistic Speeches

Not many fans of the Narendra Modi government can be held from turning hostile if the BJP keeps forwarding excuses for not abrogating Article 370 and Article 35A
Congress president Rahul Gandhi

Congress Chief, Change Your Team, Stop Negativity

The coterie of Congress president Rahul Gandhi has guided him in the wrong direction for the past five years, and it continues to do so ― to the utter misfortune of Indian democracy that is deprived of a serious, viable opposition
Gaur was the Vajpayee of Madhya Pradesh BJP

Gaur: Vajpayee Of Madhya Pradesh BJP

It was from Govindpura that Gaur began his working life as a contract labourer in the local textile mill, simultaneously pursuing his studies
Sacred Games Season 2

Sacred Games Season 2: What A Damp Squib!

This is a view the audience will share even if they are politically not inclined towards the right or the left. Director Anurag Kashyap comes with some baggage. A master of film noir, he...
Rash Behari Bose

Rash Behari Bose: The Forgotten Hero

The fact that the British humiliated him on grounds of his ethnicity would be the trigger to developing a strong determination to prove Bengalis could match the British in warfare
A Balochistan women's handicraft exhibition in Tehran

‘Balochistan Is Not Pakistan’ trending on Twitter: Here’s why

Did you know Jinnah advocated a free Balochistan? Did you know how the Baloch are distinct from the people of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran?
Sonia The Mummy Returns

Sonia Gandhi Is More Than A Mummy That Returned

Sonia Gandhi is a formidable contender, which Rahul Gandhi could never be, the right wing that is making fun of the Congress must reckon
How medieval conflicts inspired the Indian Independence Movement

Medieval Inspiration For Indian Independence Movement

Although the idea of a unified nation-state was far from conceptualised during the medieval era, the rulers always shared a civilisational connect with India’s past
Hooda, Scindia, Gandhi, Deora

Scindia-Deora-Hooda Strategy Behind Kashmir Stand

Scindia support to the bill is his personal strategy for the future, Scindia is not that of a politician who issues a statement on every issue
Modi Shah Doval

Modi-Shah-Doval Turn Tables On Forces Of History

Under the architects of the integration of the newly named Union Territories, Syama Prasad Mookerjee’s vision of a Kashmir as a fully integrated part of India will certainly go forward
Aksai Chin Chinese roads

Aksai Chin Slipped Away From India Under Nehru’s Gaze

And how it is near impossible for India to get it back from China after all these decades when successive governments looked on as the hostile northern neighbour built its economic and strategic assets in the region
Partition of Bengal 1905

Partition Of Bengal (1905) Shaped Indian Freedom Movement

A look at the events around that time that shaped the character of the revolution and the subsequent Partition of the nation