Congress insulting voters by questioning mandate: PM Modi

Going by the Congress argument, Modi wondered whether their victory in Wayanad and Rae Bareli seats was 'defeat of the country', too

Delhi High Court refuses urgent hearing for plea seeking LoP’s appointment in LS

Advocates Manmohan Singh Narula & Susmita Kumari, who filed petition, said Speaker was not performing his statutory duty of appointing LoP

Jaishankar, Pompeo talk Russia, terrorism, H-1B visas

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, before meeting Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the morning

Prasad trusts BSNL, MTNL; Rudy prefers private telecom

While Union Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and BJP leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy differed in Parliament today over better telecom networks, the latter said BSNL may be free, but when calls drop, the user blames the government  

‘US waiver clause on S-400 fulfilled, can’t wish away Russia’

The pitch for a waiver comes a day before talks between External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and his American counterpart Mike Pompeo

Antrix CMD: Regulations, ecosystem needed for ‘new space’

While some private players exist, the number of start-ups in the segment is still low, Rakesh Sasibhushan, chairman-cum-managing director, Antrix Corporation, said

St Stephen’s College: Highest cut-off for English, economics

Interviews for admission to St Stephen's College begin on Friday. Applicants may download their interview call letter, if selected, from the college website after Wednesday

Should crop insurance scheme be voluntary? Centre seeks states’ opinion

PMFBY provides a comprehensive insurance cover against the failure of the crop thus helping in stabilising the income of the farmers

Southwest monsoon: Rainfall so far has been 38% below normal, says IMD

This is a painful condition for the country because only six divisions have received normal rainfall of more. There is a total of 36 meteorological division across the country

Jaganmohan calls for transparent, corruption-free governance

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy said further that his government's service motto should be absorbed in the hierarchy  

Railways to provide jerk-free rides on Shatabdis, Rajdhanis

All the Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express trains have been fitted with modern couplers, which will ensure a smooth ride to the passengers

Rain forecast: Delhi-NCR, Haryana to see drizzle, storm

Heavy rainfall at isolated places over Konkan, Goa and Arunachal Pradesh; it will rain heavily in several parts of south, south-western India
Google Maps New Delhi India navigation

Google Maps will alert you if your cab goes off route

Android users travelling in public vehicles will be alerted if their drivers deviate more than 0.5 km from the suggested route on Google Maps
Smart devices spying on people

Smart devices are spies, more than 50% Indians believe

But information devices other than smart devices, when connected by the Internet of Things, have inherent risks of security breaches, too
Lukoskin: DRDO scientist develops herbal drug to treat vitiligo

Lukoskin: DRDO scientist develops herbal drug to treat vitiligo

'None of the allopathic, surgical and adjunctive remedies of vitiligo satisfactorily cures this disease; herbal lukoskin does'
Two earth-like planets

Two earth-like planets just 12.5 light years away

'We have been observing this star for three years to look for periodic variations in its velocity,' said Mathias Zechmeister,, a researcher.

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Congress president Rahul Gandhi

Congress Chief, Change Your Team, Stop Negativity

The coterie of Congress president Rahul Gandhi has guided him in the wrong direction for the past five years, and it continues to do so ― to the utter misfortune of Indian democracy that is deprived of a serious, viable opposition

Sanjiv Bhatt: A Dubious Cop Retires In Jail

The presence of rogue cops like Sanjiv Bhatt in the system, who either do a government's bidding or become a law unto themselves, calls for police reforms
encephalitis deaths in Bihar

Encephalitis deaths were preventable: Heads must roll

The Bihar administration failed in both prevention and cure of acute encephalitis syndrome that claimed the lives of more than 100 children
Mamata meets doctors

Doctors, citizens cannot expect much from Mamata

Mamata Banerjee once saw a Maoist in anybody who disagreed with her; she saw in a rape victim a sex worker; now she sees in protesting doctors her rival BJP
Prashant Kanojia

Kanojia, There’s No Freedom For Defamation

Freedom of telling a truth alone is unexceptionable, a cause worthy of fighting for; both journalists and fly-by-night operators in the media industry must note that FoE is not a licence for slander

Tackling Crimes By ‘A Certain Community’

These are not riots where mass hysteria can be held responsible. These criminals do not operate in mobs. With individual acts, they are making a collective statement that they will be the domineering class, regardless of who rules the city, province or country.

Pathetic opposition refuses to learn what India needs

With an opposition that impresses with neither economic nor social ideas, Modi-led BJP is set to rule unchallenged, and that is bad news for Indian democracy

Language Warriors, Hold Your Horses, Please

On the question of language, the north is unnecessarily anxious and the south unduly agitated while India hasn't done badly in the status quo at all
India US China

India can benefit from US as well as China

What is required of the new government led by Narendra Modi is an improvement upon its already impressive tightrope walk in international relations including commerce

Hinduism: Religion, Tradition, Superstition, Modernity, Law

The media coverage of Smriti Irani's attendance in a funeral and the forced tonsuring of men and trimming of women's nails in a Jharkhand village warrant education in Hinduism
Hindu wedding 1

Demonisation of Wedding Rituals Smacks of Hindu-Illiteracy

There can be no better Hindu ritual than the widely prevalent and most visible practice of wedding rituals for such demonisation by cultural leftists

Every Opposition Party Facing Coup Cause For Concern

There is a need for strong opposition to keep the ruling elite in order, conforming to the written constitutional code
5 trillion economy

$ 5 Trillion Economy By 2024 An Impossible Dream

It will take a sustained 12% compounded growth in the economy year-on-year from now when we are at $ 2.8 trillion GDP

Haldighati: Beginning, Not End, Of Maharana Pratap

A closer look as to why historians have not done justice to the larger impact of the Battle of Haldighati on its anniversary  
litchi plantation muzaffarpur

Litchi did not kill children, Bihar govt’s incompetence did

The Bihar administration has been so callous this time that even the critical measures that the State had taken 5 years ago during another outbreak of AES were not repeated; this is over and above the fact that litchi is not harming well-fed children; that malnourishment is a burning issue in Bihar is a failure of its government too

Terror attack in Ayodhya warrants capital punishment

The crime of convicts in 2005 Ayodhya attack is as grave as Afzal Guru's; if terror convicts are wriggling out of a legal loophole, plug it
Modi government

Government Suffering From Moby-Dick Syndrome

The Modi government must overcome the prime minister’s incrementalist instincts and boldly carry out radical reforms


Modi Must Dare Attempt Big-Ticket Reforms To Boost Economy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi must take address the issue of too many sectors of the economy underperforming as is education


Colonialism: How truthful is depiction of Mughals as Indians?

In historical studies, Asian colonialism is romanticised and celebrated as a representation of India while European colonialism is demonised

Jat politics at crossroads following election results

Many winning formulae, including identity politics, failed in the Lok Sabha 2019 election results; the fate of self-appointed Jat leaders was a case in point