Delhi witnesses fracas involving rowdy driver, unprofessional cops, communal protesters

The video of a brawl between tempo driver Sarabjeet Singh and policemen in Delhi led Sikhs to assemble and protest menacingly at Mukherjee Nagar  

Pulwama again: Car bomb kills 2 Army personnel, injures 7

Srinagar-based defence spokesman Col Rajesh Kalia said this Pulwama attack was a 'failed attempt' to attack an Army patrol; except for 'a few minor injuries, all troops are safe'  

Population of India to surpass China’s by 2027: UN

The estimation also reveals that India is expected to add 273 million population by 2050 and will remain the most populated until the end of the century.

Sunny Deol will ‘withhold’ er… uphold sovereignty, integrity of country

Sunny Deol took oath as an MP on Tuesday as did Sukhbir Singh Badal, Bhagwant Mann, Om Birla, Badruddin Ajmal, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Preneet Kaur, Shashi Tharoor  

Nadda appointed BJP working president, Shah to remain party chief

Nadda, currently BJP's parliamentary board secretary, will continue as working president till BJP's organisational election are over  

Heatwave kills 76 in Bihar; parts of India receive rain, duststorm

The Disaster Management Department said 33 people lost their lives in Aurangabad, 31 in Gaya and 12 in Nawada due to the heatwave  

Triple talaq bill to rock Budget session of Parliament

The triple talaq bill was passed by the Lok Sabha in 2017 but it couldn't get enough support from the Rajya Sabha

Draft National Education Policy moots a common entrance exam for all colleges

The draft projects that the NTA will establish test centres across the country, offering tests in multiple languages. The preferred mode of testing will be computer-based, though it is unclear if this means multiple choice tests only

Advocates unsafe in Bengal: No justice since 24 April assault

The agitating advocates have now added to the strength of the striking doctors, as both the group of professionals are under attack in Bengal

Opposition agitated over farm distress, unemployment, Jammu-Kashmir election

At an all-party meeting called by the government, the opposition parties demanded a discussion on all such issues in Parliament  

Terrorists ran ‘supreme council’ in Jammu-Kashmir jail, busted

An analysis of prisoners made it clear the hold of terrorists inside jails needs to be broken and the rule of law needs to be established  

Kumaraswamy bows before Yeddyurappa-led BJP, offers to talk

BJP leaders courted arrest, trying to proceed towards the CM residence ignoring a heavy police presence and barricades  

Nitish finally spares time for dying children as AES toll rises to 129

When the Bihar chief minister arrived at the SKMCH, he was fiercely opposed. People standing outside raised the slogan ëNitish, go back  

Facebook posts better at predicting diabetes, mental health than demographic data

Scientists analyzed the entire Facebook post of nearly 1k patients, who have their electronic medical record data linked to their profiles.

Encephalitis deaths: What Nitish Kumar may learn from Yogi Adityanath govt

People in Bihar who belong to remote villages fail to get arrived their patients to the hospital at the right time in the district headquarters.

Dogs learned to move eyebrows to communicate better with humans

A human owner indeed tends to take care of the dog more when the latter makes eye contact with the former; dogs observed this and evolved

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encephalitis deaths in Bihar

Encephalitis deaths were preventable: Heads must roll

The Bihar administration failed in both prevention and cure of acute encephalitis syndrome that claimed the lives of more than 100 children
Mamata meets doctors

Doctors, citizens cannot expect much from Mamata

Mamata Banerjee once saw a Maoist in anybody who disagreed with her; she saw in a rape victim a sex worker; now she sees in protesting doctors her rival BJP
Prashant Kanojia

Kanojia, There’s No Freedom For Defamation

Freedom of telling a truth alone is unexceptionable, a cause worthy of fighting for; both journalists and fly-by-night operators in the media industry must note that FoE is not a licence for slander

Tackling Crimes By ‘A Certain Community’

These are not riots where mass hysteria can be held responsible. These criminals do not operate in mobs. With individual acts, they are making a collective statement that they will be the domineering class, regardless of who rules the city, province or country.

Pathetic opposition refuses to learn what India needs

With an opposition that impresses with neither economic nor social ideas, Modi-led BJP is set to rule unchallenged, and that is bad news for Indian democracy

Language Warriors, Hold Your Horses, Please

On the question of language, the north is unnecessarily anxious and the south unduly agitated while India hasn't done badly in the status quo at all
India US China

India can benefit from US as well as China

What is required of the new government led by Narendra Modi is an improvement upon its already impressive tightrope walk in international relations including commerce

Hinduism: Religion, Tradition, Superstition, Modernity, Law

The media coverage of Smriti Irani's attendance in a funeral and the forced tonsuring of men and trimming of women's nails in a Jharkhand village warrant education in Hinduism

Because Congress cannot dump dynasty…

The path ahead for the oldest party of the country that cannot offer an ideological alternative to Narendra Modi's BJP either is despondency until extinction

Modi Trounces Opposition in Victory of Trust over False Despair

The opposition must hit upon an ideology that would be a viable alternative to the patriotism-capitalism-socialism mix of Modi and more

Modi government

Government Suffering From Moby-Dick Syndrome

The Modi government must overcome the prime minister’s incrementalist instincts and boldly carry out radical reforms


Modi Must Dare Attempt Big-Ticket Reforms To Boost Economy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi must take address the issue of too many sectors of the economy underperforming as is education


Colonialism: How truthful is depiction of Mughals as Indians?

In historical studies, Asian colonialism is romanticised and celebrated as a representation of India while European colonialism is demonised

Jat politics at crossroads following election results

Many winning formulae, including identity politics, failed in the Lok Sabha 2019 election results; the fate of self-appointed Jat leaders was a case in point

Industry of ‘humanitarianism’ in Bengal

Those Bangladeshi immigrants who remain in India gain eligibility for ration and 100-day-jobs under MGNREGA scheme using their job cards, eating into the rights of the sons of the soil
Jaganmohan handling Tirupati

Tirupati row: Issue is Jaganmohan’s religion, not appointee’s

YS Jaganmohan Reddy is a communicant (recipient of the holy communion) of the Church of South India under the Diocese of Rayalaseema

‘200 years of British rule’ a political propaganda

Why calculating the duration of British rule in India beginning with the 1757 Battle of Plassey when they defeated Siraj ud Daulah is a mistake
Modi council of ministers

Making Sense of Modi 2.0: Selection of Ministers

Leave aside the commanding Amit Shah and qualified S Jaishankar, Modi would have surprised if he chose the remaining ministers on the basis of their certificates
Raja Rammohun Roy

Rajiv Malhotra’s half-truth on Raja Rammohun Roy

What excuse is there for a shoddy investigation into Raja Rammohun Roy by Rajiv Malhotra and his glossing over the side-lining of Sanskrit by the heroes of Hindutva?

Communists in Kerala can revive again

People punish arrogance, whatever be the State. Tripura and Kerala tell the same human story. However, given the poor show of the Congress at the Centre, the UDF wins in Kerala would be insignificant and then the CPI(M)-led LDF will spring back