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How the world’s largest toilet programme is changing India

Swachh Bharat Mission has helped to bring entire communities together to work on building toilets and a mindboggling 92.6 million of them have been built from the time it started in October 2014

When Will Hindus Say ‘Never Again’?

Hindus don't like stories with sad endings. You will rarely find tragic stories of star-crossed lovers like Romeo-Juliet, Antony-Cleopatra, Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu or Salim-Anarkali in Hindu literature. Mahabharata seemed to end in gloom but then the Pandavas went to Swarga....

Spoiler blames the spoilt

The New York Times has published an article, which reports that malnutrition in India is not so much caused by the lack of nutrition as due to the lack of sanitation. This is indeed a damning discovery. The article, which...

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The writer specialises in environmental (water) issues, current affairs and Indian history. She is a member of Indian History Awareness and Research; she has recently authored 'The Educational Heritage of Ancient India – How An Ecosystem of Learning Was Laid to Waste'
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