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Rajarshi Nandy

Glory Of Lord Jagannatha

Jagannatha is the Lord of the Kali Yuga, the form Lord Visnu takes to govern the last of the four yugas in popular conception. But there is a mystery associated with the true identity of Jagannath, which has intrigued scholars...

Ekajata (एकजटा): Fiercest form of Shakti

Ekajaṭī or Ekajata (Sanskrit: “one plait woman”; one who has one knot of hair), also known as Māhacīnatārā, originated in Tibet and later found her way into India during the time of Nalanda in the 7th century through the...

Vipassana Can’t Lead To Nibbana

I tried a 10-day vipassana course recently during my yearly spiritual breaks. Having heard many conflicting opinions about the meditation programme, I decided to try it for myself to get a first-hand experience and decide for myself the worth...

Beef advocacy blocks Mamata’s Jagannath Puri visit

Puri: A controversy erupted over West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress head Mamata Banerjee’s Puri darshan plans when the Sebayit Committee of the Jagannath Temple protested her visit for her statements regarding beef consumption. Banerjee had planned to visit...

Temples desecrated, idols broken in Bengal

Kolkata: Late on Tuesday night, a group of miscreants went on a rampage in Haldia in East Midnapore district of West Bengal. Groups of goons entered homes and ransacked domestic Hari temples in several villages coming under the Bhavanipur police...

Dhulagarh witnessed Hindu-Muslim riot, say locals

Dhulagarh: Communal riots broke out between Hindus and Muslims in Dhulagarh area on 13 December, about 28 km from West Bengal capital Kolkata. In the night of the 12th, there were reports of serious clashes between Hindus and Muslims after...

Internationalism For Enlightened Few, Nationalism For All

There is a prevailing concept among certain sections of pop-spiritualists, like in this article that the idea of patriotism or nationalism is contrary to the spiritual evolution of humanity, which calls for becoming universal. We are also given the...

Lotus Born

Doubtlessly, the most powerful and legendary master of Tibetan Buddhism is Padmasambhava - the lotus born, second only to the Buddha himself. Known in the Tibetan tradition as Guru Rimpoche, very little is certain about the historical facts of this...

Chhath: Worshipping Setting & Rising Sun

The annual Chhath puja dedicated to the veneration of the sun god and his wife, Chhathi Maiya, started on the 4 November this year and will go on till the 8th. Sun-worship has been a part of most pagan and ancient cultures because the sun...

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Foreigners who attended Tablighi Jamaat at Nizamuddin Markaz to be tried for violating visa rule

Sirf News has accessed from the police the records of many Tablighi Jamaat associates who have returned to or been to the Northeast and non-Muslims who passed through the area and returned to the states of the region

Tablighi Jamaat can’t explain mischief of members after leaving Delhi

While describing the 'difficulty' it faced to transport people out of Delhi, Tablighi Jamaat fails to explain why its associates and affiliates either mingled with people in their respective villages and why many of them just vanished in thin air

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