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Palakkad doctor persecuted for supporting CAA

During an argument on Twitter, my personal details... was revealed... and overnight I was labelled as someone baying for Muslim blood: The Palakkad doctor
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CJI Bobde speaks up against excessive taxation

CJI SA Bobde's speech at the ITAT function would remind history buffs of the world's first pro-market economist, India's very own Chanakya

Goyal tries to sell Air India in Davos, explains why Modi 1.0 didn’t disinvest PSUs

Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal said the Modi government had inherited an economy in a bad shape; PSUs would not have fetched the right prices

Stocks to invest in before Budget 2020-21

Based on our sources in the finance ministry, we are predicting a boom in the stocks of several sections of the economy quite confidently

Provident fund a/c holders can now change job-leaving date

Go to the Manage section and click on the Exit mark; you will get the option to choose the provident fund account number from the drop-down menu

मुंबई के मॉल्स, थियेटर्स, रेस्तराँ 27 जनवरी से चौबीसों घंटे खुले रहेंगे

आदित्य ठाकरे ने कहा कि मुंबई भी लन्दन की तरह रात्रिकालीन अर्थव्यवस्था विकसित कर सकती है क्योंकि हमेशा से ही यह शहर कभी सोता नहीं है

India Ratings, following IMF, cuts GDP growth forecast

Economist Sunil Sinha of India Ratings & Research said, 'The Indian economy is looking at a cycle of low consumption and weak demand.'



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Rajiv Malhotra’s Half-Truth On Raja Rammohun Roy

What excuse is there for a shoddy investigation into Raja Rammohun Roy by Rajiv Malhotra and his glossing over the side-lining of Sanskrit by the heroes of Hindutva?

Why size of hominid brain did not matter

Johannesburg: Yesterday, Sirf News had reported that it was found that the Neanderthals turned extinct despite the fact that their brains were, in some...

Skeleton 6″ long of 6-8-year old: Mutated human, not alien

Stanford: A bizarre human skeleton, once rumoured to have extraterrestrial origins, has gotten a rather comprehensive genomic work-up, the results of which are now...

Fish constituted bulk of early man’s diet

Lund, Scania, Sweden: Stockholm: New research at Lund University in Sweden can now show what Stone Age people actually ate in southern Scandinavia 10,000...

Modern humans interbred with more than one species of archaic counterparts

Massachusetts: Modern humans co-existed and interbred not only with Neanderthals but also with another species of archaic humans, the mysterious Denisovans. While developing a...

Africans could make glass centuries before they met Europeans

Houston, United States: Scholars from Rice University, University College London and the Field Museum have found the first direct evidence that glass was produced...
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Pandits: 30 Years Since Being Ripped Apart

Pandits say, and rightly so, that their return to Kashmir cannot be pushed without ensuring a homeland for the Islam-ravaged community for conservation of their culture

CAA: Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

So said Winston Churchill, a lesson for sure for Prime Miniter Narendra Modi who will use the opposition's calumny over CAA to his advantage


Dhanvantari, The Legacy Consigned To Oblivion

Why did India let the legacy of Dhanvantari, the first doctor, be lost in oblivion? Both indigenous charlatans and foreign invaders are to blame. But with the state's interest in Ayurveda rekindled, society must do everything within its capabilities to revive the science

Karva Chauth: Faith, legend behind viewing the moon through a sieve

The legend and Karva Chauth rituals vary across Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and, in south India, Andhra Pradesh


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