Friday 27 January 2023
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PoliticsWorldWhat Musk said that irked Zelenskyy

What Musk said that irked Zelenskyy

At an event organised by The New York Times, the president of Ukraine appeared yesterday to mock the proposal from the billionaire, saying he should come to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has criticised US billionaire Elon Musk’s proposal to end Russia’s offensive in Ukraine and invited him to visit his war-scarred country. In October, Musk had stoked controversy on by proposing a peace deal involving re-running under UN supervision referendums in Moscow-occupied Ukrainian regions, acknowledging Russian sovereignty over the Crimean peninsula and giving Ukraine a neutral status.

At an event organised by The New York Times, Zelenskyy appeared yesterday to mock the billionaire’s proposal, saying he should come to Ukraine. “I think that either someone has influence over him, or he somehow draws conclusions on his own,” Zelenskyy said by link at the New York Times‘ DealBook Summit, referring to Musk.

“If you want to understand what Russia has done here — come to Ukraine and you will see it all for yourself. And then you will tell me how to end this war, who started it and when it can be ended.”

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In October, the Tesla and SpaceX founder created a poll on to let his more than 100 million followers vote on the idea.

Zelenskyy has responded with a poll of his own, asking: “Which @elonmusk do you like more?” with the options “One who supports Ukraine” and “One who supports Russia”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine on February 24 in order to “de-Nazify” the pro-Western country. He has called on Ukraine to cease hostilities and negotiate after ordering a partial mobilisation to bolster his forces and threatening to use nuclear weapons.

Zelenskyy said he would never negotiate with Russia as long as Putin remained its leader.

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