Wednesday 3 March 2021
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War: Rs 200 crore film climaxes with chisel-hammer fight

Khalid (Tiger Shroff), an Indian soldier, is assigned to eliminate Kabir (Hrithik Roshan), a former soldier turned rogue, who had mentored Khalid, leading to a 'war'

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Entertainment War: Rs 200 crore film climaxes with chisel-hammer fight

Film War featuring Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff released in theatres today. Equipped with breathtaking action scenes, emotions and suspense, the thriller is getting a good response at the box office. What is interesting, the action in the film is no treadmill stuff involving merely guns, fisticuffs and kicks. The filmmakers promise their action choreographer will offer an edge-of-the-seat entertainer.

The fight scenes in the movie have been filmed on the ground, under-water and in the air. There are also bike and car chasing scenes. The film is innovative in the genre of action. In the climax, you get to see something that you have hardly seen in any Hindi film till now. Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan face each other after a long cat-and-mouse chase.

War climax

Khalid (Tiger), an Indian soldier, is assigned to eliminate Kabir (Hrithik), a former soldier turned rogue, who mentored Khalid. This leads to ‘war’ between them.

To avoid spoilers, we skip further details of the plot and move to the climax. An intense fight breaks out between the characters essayed by Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan, where they fight each other with a chisel and a hammer. It is exciting to see Hrithik-Tiger fighting with these tools commonly used in home repair.


  • Hrithik Roshan as Kabir Luthra
  • Tiger Shroff as Khalid Khan
  • Vaani Kapoor as Naina
  • Ashutosh Rana as Colonel Luthra, Kabir’s father
  • Anupriya Goenka as Aditi
  • Dipannita Sharma as Dr Mallika Singhal
  • Soni Razdan as Khalid’s mother
  • Swaroopa Ghosh as Sherna Patel
  • Sanjeev Vasta as Rizwan Iiyasi
  • Arif Zakaria as Dr Utpal Bisbas
  • Mohit Chauhan as VK Naidu
  • Salmin Sheriff as Oslav
  • Imran Ahmed as Saini
  • Shahbaz Akhtar as Vishal
  • Shrikant Dwivedi as Derrick
  • Jesse Lever as Muthu
  • Midhat Ullah Khan as Saeed Addam
  • Ravi Awana as Basheer Hassib

Box office prospects

While the description above may sound a little funny, the direction and camera work is spellbinding. The film will attract crowds by word-of-mouth. It is likely to do good business at the box office. However, this film having cost Rs 200 crore, the margin has to be huge to make profits.

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