Monday 5 December 2022
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According to Vedic astrology, when Rahu and Surya are together while transiting in a zodiac, Rahu affects the sun and the native meets with unintended reverses


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With Surya transiting in Aries, the sun and shadow planet Rahu are in conjunction in Aries now. This conjunction of Surya-Rahu will remain till the transit of the sun’s phase in Taurus on 15 May 2022. By the this phase is over, a solar eclipse will have arrived and gone on 30 April, which may prove inauspicious for three rashis (moon signs).

According to Vedic astrology, when Rahu and Surya together while transiting in any zodiac, Rahu affects the sun and the person meets with unintended reverses — the opposite of what is expected as a result of hard work. In eclipse yoga, this combination has the greatest impact on the health of the person. Grahana or eclipse yoga is considered destructive in many ways. This eclipse yoga can have a bad effect on the people of the following moon signs.

This solar eclipse will take place in Aries, affecting the people of this zodiac the severest. People of the moon sign Mesha will experience mental stress. Enemies can dominate the proceedings. Aries subjects need to be alert, averting a confrontation with potential enemies. An is likely if in haste. Aries subjects must avoid travelling during this solar eclipse.

The lord of Karka (Cancer) is Chandra (moon). At this time, Chandra will be present in Mesha along with Rahu. This relative positioning can lead to mental tension in Aries subjects. Unknown fear and negativity will prevail. Expenses will increase. The natives of Karka should bide away this for better times that will follow.

Natives of Vrishchika (Scorpio) may have to suffer a loss of honour during this period. Speaking less or speaking very thoughtfully is advised. Beware of controversies. Enemies can cause damage. Expenses will increase.


The information provided here is based on an individual astrologer’s reading of the present relative positioning and movements of planets, stars and constellations. Believers are advised to consult their own respective astrologers, as there are several determining factors for the fate of every individual.



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