Sunday 1 November 2020
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Chinese ‘sun’: What the device is, how it will work

It's a device that aims at harnessing that part of the natural sun's energy that does not make it to the earth

Solar eclipse: How it is caused, why India can’t see it in 2019

Solar eclipse: As the earth revolves around the sun and the moon does so around the earth, there comes a time when the three fall in a line, with the moon in between, obstructing our vision of the sun

Tardigrade will be the last survivors on earth

Oxford: The world's most indestructible species, the tardigrade, an eight-legged micro-animal, also known as the water bear, will survive until the sun dies, according...

Ingredient of life found around infant sun-like stars

London: Two teams of astronomers have harnessed the power of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile to detect the prebiotic complex organic...

A planet hotter than most stars

Washington, DC: With a day-side temperature of 4,600 Kelvin (more than 4326.85° Celsius), planet KELT-9b is hotter than most stars, and only 1,200 Kelvin...

Chhath: Worshipping Setting & Rising Sun

The annual Chhath puja dedicated to the veneration of the sun god and his wife, Chhathi Maiya, started on the 4 November this year and will go...

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