Sunday 4 December 2022
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SportsHow Fifa bent over backwards to appease Islamist Qatar

How Fifa bent over backwards to appease Islamist Qatar

Fifa appears to be a fan of Michelle Obama who flaunts her fashionable outfits across the world but appears in hijab whenever in a Muslim country

fans across the world are stunned by the kind of restrictions Fifa has imposed on spectators, which are applicable not only while they watch the matches but also when they are outside the stadia. This, when Qatar proved to be the most intolerant Islamic country in the Nupur Sharma episode as well as hypocritical now, hosting hate preacher Zakir Naik.

Fifa bans shirtless dudes

In a typical show of Western hypocrisy, Fifa has turned more Islamist than Muslims by banning men without shirts too, not merely topless women.

Fifa says fans “must not remove items of clothing and reveal intimate parts”. However, it clarifies that “body tattoos and body paint do not constitute clothing.”

Fifa agrees alcohol is haram

Reminiscent of Michelle Obama flaunting her fashionable outfits across the world but appearing in a hijab in Muslim countries, Fifa, agreeing with the Qatar government, has already banned sales of beer around the eight World Cup stadia. Now, in its code of conduct, Fifa has ordered fans to not “be visibly under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any narcotic substance” while watching matches.

Alcohol will be available only in the corporate boxes of the stadiums and fan zones.

From bottles to political messaging, everything banned

Fifa has banned fans also from carrying “bottles, cups, jars, cans or any other form of closed or capped receptacle that may be thrown or cause injury”.

Fans are not allowed to even carry unless it is for babies or a medical requirement. Fans will be able to avail food and soft drinks from the kiosks on the ground floor of the stadia.

Fifa stressed further that any materials carrying “political, offensive and discriminatory” messages are banned from the venues.

Fans are not allowed to carry large bags to the stadia either.

No vuvuzela

This is arguably the only restriction that football fans can make sense of, given the terrible experience people had while trying to follow the 2010, in South Africa. Not only were television viewers distracted but also the players complained they could not concentrate on the game. Fifa has banned vuvuzelas or any musical instruments to the venues.

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