Sunday 4 December 2022
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EconomyBusinessWho says iPhone can't be foldable? Fan takes up challenge

Who says iPhone can’t be foldable? Fan takes up challenge

The design of the modified 'iPhone' appears surreal but the device is functional, never mind that the screen is fragile, expected from an individual’s hobby

Days after news broke that Apple’s business model would not permit it to come up with a foldable iPhone, a fan of the smartphone from the company has come up with an innovative product. The Chinese tech enthusiast posted a on Twitter that shows a foldable iPhone built by a craftsman. Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) says that a craftsman from China redesigned and built an iPhone 13 Pro into a foldable device.

In the video, the Chinese YouTuber walks through the process of picking parts from different devices and assembling them again to create his own custom phone. He removed the internal components from an iPhone X and pushed them inside a foldable Motorola Razr chassis. Though the is in Chinese, there are English subtitles. The procedure is extremely difficult and time-consuming.

While the bottom half of this phone is home to the motherboard with the chip and memory, the top houses the battery, sensors and cameras.

Furthermore, the hinges were used from a Moto Razr 2020 and the had to be 3D printed.

The design of the modified ‘iPhone’ appears surreal but the device is functional. However, the screen seems to be fragile, which is expected from such a project.

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This YouTuber had a goal of building a “foldable iPhone” while preserving as many parts from the original devices as possible. As part of the design criteria, it had to be soft enough to bend while retaining the touch functionality. The shows the engineer’s step-by-step process to dismantle what turned out to be dozens of iPhone screens. He cut apart a donor device’s case and rebuilt it as a foldable phone using a hinge. The man tested multiple hinge types from phones like the Galaxy Z Flip but chose a Motorola Razr’s hinge for its “small” display crease.

Tech and trade experts are wondering if a craftsman with minimum resources could achieve this feat with no outside funding, how long Apple would take to release a full-fledged foldable iPhone.

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