Wednesday 7 December 2022
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PhysicsInformation TechnologyWhatsApp will stop working on select iPhones from October

WhatsApp will stop working on select iPhones from October

WhatsApp will no longer work on some of the older iPhone models the next month onwards. Due to a recent support update from Apple, some outdated iPhones will no longer support the instant app. 

A WABetaInfo report in the past suggested that from 24 October, the app would stop supporting 10 and iOS 11 devices.

The report said that WhatsApp had already started warning iPhone users running the app on 10 or iOS 11 versions. The app has already sent a notice to users, saying that the app would soon stop running on their devices. 

Users will need to update their iPhones to continue using the messaging app.

WhatsApp has already stated on its Help Center page that 12 or newer will be required for iPhone users to continue using the app. In contrast, Android device users need Android 4.1 or a later version to continue using the instant messaging app.

How to update iPhone to the latest version

Operating systems 10 and iOS 11 are obsolete. Your phone might have already received an update for the newest software. 

If the iPhone is not yet updated, it is better to do so right now. To update the software, you can simply go to Settings > General > Software Update to get the latest version.

Few iPhones are running on 10 and iOS 11 software versions. The only two iPhone models that will be impacted by this change are

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c

If your iPhone is running on older software versions, updating the device will help. The iPhone running on the latest software update will not only let you continue using WhatsApp but also get the latest security patches and features. 

Now, before running the update, ensure to connect the device to a stable Wifi network and back up all personal and professional details.

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