Saturday 4 February 2023
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PoliticsWorldBlack charity activist accuses Buckingham Palace of racist abuse

Black charity activist accuses Buckingham Palace of racist abuse

Since the Black anti-racism activist publicised the case on social media, Ngozi Fulani claims to have been under 'tremendous pressure' to withdraw her complaint

A week after she revealed on social networks to have been the target of racist remarks made by a relative of Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace, Black charity activist Ngozi Fulani says that she received a wave of hateful messages while her family and she were pressured to withdraw their accusation against the royal establishment of England on numerous occasions.

Since the time Black anti-racism activist publicised the case on social media, Ngozi Fulani claims to have been subjected to “tremendous pressure”. On Twitter, the young woman had relayed her entire exchange with Lady Susan Hussey, a tweet liked by more than 60,000 users in a few hours. During a reception organised last November by the queen consort, Camilla, the anti-racist activist and founder of the association Sistah Space, was the subject of inappropriate remarks from Lady Susan Hussey, godmother of prince William.

The latter would have asked her several times and with an insistence which country in Africa she “really came from”, because of her skin colour. “I know what racism is,” Ngozi Fulani told NBC News. “I know when someone’s just being flippant, I know when someone’s nosy, I know when someone’s trying to make small talk, and I know when someone’s being racist,” she says.

The Black activist said Susan Hussey moved her hair so she could see her name badge and then subjected her to what felt “like an interrogation” about where her “people” came from.

In a statement issued on 5 December, the activist said: “The last week has been an extremely difficult time for us all at Sistah Space. My team, family and I have been put under immense pressure and received some horrific abuse via social media. Yet throughout this time I have been heartened by the huge amount of support we have received.

“I want to thank everyone for that, and it has shown me that will always triumph over hate.”

Resignation and strong reactions

Following the incident, Buckingham Palace denounced these “unacceptable and deeply regrettable” remarks and said that 83-year-old Lady Susan Hussey, who had worked alongside Elizabeth II for more than 60 years, had resigned since the controversy.

Prince William, travelling to Boston at the time, reacted through his spokesperson. “Racism has no place in our society, these comments are” unacceptable and it is right that the person concerned resigns,” the Prince of Wales assured.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak denounced the incident of the racist slur that Ngozi Fulani was subjected to. “We have to confront racism as soon as we see it[…] The fight is never over,” he said on Sky News.

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