Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Google Maps: 15 things you didn’t know you could do with the app

Over the years, Google Maps has become a lot more than just a navigation app, helping you look for restaurant menus, report congestion, integrate music…

Google Maps, one of the most popular navigation applications, helps not only navigate users through unknown routes but also helps on familiar routes. You may already have used the app to gauge the traffic situation in a place, as well as ensure you are not lost in new places.

But over the years, Google Maps has become a lot more than just a navigation app. Here are 15 things that you may not know you can do on Google Maps (You must have used a few of these but certainly not all of them).

  1. ​Add multiple stops on your route/destination

Most people use Google Maps to navigate from point A to point B. But, what most people don’t know is that it also allows users to add multiple stops in between and suggest the best route. This means that if you have to go to a certain place, but need to stop somewhere on the way, you can add that as a stop on Google Maps. This way, you can add as many stops as you want. To do this, search for a location and tap on Directions. Now, tap on the three dots at the top right and choose to add the stops option.

Google Maps: 15 things you didn’t know you could do with the app 1
  1. ​Check toll prices for your trips

If you are planning a road trip, then Google Maps can show you the total toll prices you’ll have to pay along the route. For this, enable the Show Toll prices option from settings and then search a location of maps. Expand the details page and check for the Toll prices option.

Google Maps: 15 things you didn’t know you could do with the app 2
  1. ​Generate Plus code for your location

Plus code is an alternative way of sharing your location with someone without actually providing the address. Plus code also allows users to specify a particular location such as different gates, entry points and more. Generating Plus code is simple. Just long press on a location on the map and expand the Details page.

Google Maps: 15 things you didn’t know you could do with the app 3
  1. ​Measure the distance between two or more places

Using this feature, users of the navigation facility of the tech giant can measure the distance between any two or more points on the earth. Just drop a point anywhere on the map, right click and choose Measure Distance. Now, start adding more points and it will automatically show the total distance.

Google Maps: 15 things you didn’t know you could do with the app 4
  1. ​Find alternative commute options, say bus, metro

Google Maps usually offer driving directions for cars, bikes and walk. However, it also has the option to choose to find the route for the metro, subway and other public transport. Simply look for a location, expand the Details page and scroll down to find the ‘Public transport nearby’ section.

Google Maps: 15 things you didn’t know you could do with the app 5
  1. ​Remember where you parked your vehicle

Forgetting parking locations is common, most of us do that. Google Maps can help remember it for you and also navigate to it when needed. Simply, tap on the Blue icon that shows your parking and choose Save Parking from the popup menu.

  1. Check parking status for a location

Google Maps can also tell you the parking status for a location where you’re going or planning to go to. Simply search the location and expand the details page and look for the ‘P’ icon.

  1. ​Check traffic details time-wise

This Google Maps feature can help you plan your travel better. Just like parking status, Google Maps can also tell you traffic conditions beforehand and it can help you decide the best time to visit that place.

  1. ​Go incognito, meaning not tell Google where you travelling

If you want to explore something on Google Maps without leaving any footprint, then Incognito mode can help. Once Google Maps is in incognito mode, it won’t save any browsing data and search history. In fact, it won’t use the data to personalise maps or show suggestions based on searches. Enable it by tapping on your avatar at the top right corner.

  1. Integrate music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify or others

Google Maps also lets users integrate their preferred music streaming services that show up while navigating. To enable, head to Settings → Navigation Settings → Assistant default media provider and choose your preferred music streaming service. It may ask you to login into your account.

  1. ​Check menu

Another interesting feature that Google Maps offers is the ability to check the menu of a restaurant. Simply search restaurants and tap on the ‘Menu’ or ‘Services’ option from the search result to check out the complete menu.

  1. ​Report issues

Google Maps also lets users report on-route issues like crashes, congestion, roadwork, lane closure, stalled vehicle and object on road. Just look for the ‘+’ icon on the navigation page to report an issue.

  1. ​Create a wishlist of places to visit

If you have a wishlist of places you want to visit, you can add them directly to Google Maps. Just open the app, tap on Saved and choose the option ‘Want to go’. Start adding your destinations.

  1. ​Become a local guide and contributor

Google Maps goes beyond just suggesting routes and traffic. It also allows users to share their experiences of a place they’ve recently visited by becoming a local guide. This helps other users view these ratings and reviews and choose whether they want to visit the place or not.

  1. ​Use Maps in your native language and use voice search

Google Maps also offers the option to choose the desired language. Simply head to Settings → App language and choose the language you want. For voice search, go to Settings → scroll down to Voice Search and choose your language.

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