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‘China stole US intellectual property to emerge as military power’

This statement from US President Donald Trump comes in the wake of China increasing its military spending by 7% to $ 152 billion to deal with an increasing American presence in the disputed South China Sea region

Corporate Tax Cut Historic, Will Benefit All

The announcement by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman not only makes India's rates equal to those of its competitors in Asia but also brings India's taxation in line with the more tax-friendly European and — post-Trump tax cuts — American companies

China toes India line on Kashmir: Another diplomatic coup by Modi...

China had in March, even before the scrapping of Article 370 by India, cold-shouldered Pakistan's urge to send its envoy to both New Delhi as well as Islamabad to virtually mediate in the Kashmir issue, much as it still stands with its all-weather ally at UN forums

India prepares final list of products to counter Chinese imports

The government has been preparing such a list for a while now, based on its plan of a “differential tariff reduction”. China, which has benefited the least, has opposed this move, along with richer economies such as Australia and New Zealand

China removes several US products from tariff list

The Customs Tariff Commission of China released 2 lists , including seafood products and anti-cancer drugs, which will be free of tariffs

Trade war has cost China trillions of dollars, 3 million jobs

China and the US have been locked in a bitter trade war since last year, imposing tit-for-tat tariffs on goods worth billions of dollars

Arunachal MP’s claim of Chinese incursion really false?

BJP MP Tapir Gao said he received this information from colleagues in the BJP while describing in details more than the Army spokesperson where exactly the incursion took place

Rupee rises 28 paise to 71.86 against dollar in early trade

The rupee, opening at 71.87 at the interbank foreign exchange, registered a rise of 27 paise by gaining a high of 71.85 on Thursday

Chinese soldier — jailed, released, married in India — returns

Wang Chang Qi was captured in 1963 after the India-China war and jailed; the Chinese soldier married a local woman in Tirodi, Madhya Pradesh, in 1974 and visited China again not before 2017

Buffalo meat exports dwindle; another business sector down

Dairy owners said a big reason for the fall in dry buffalo prices is a sharp fall in India’s bovine meat exports