Thursday 8 December 2022
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Mosque houses Chinese, Iranians, Italians trying to spread COVID in India

Mosques, the place of worship for Muslims, and other public spaces where followers of the faith assemble for religious and political purposes — like Shaheen Bagh of Delhi where they are protesting against India’s amended citizenship law (CAA) for the past three months, inconveniencing other people of the city — seem to have become a den of traitors. Twelve foreigners have been arrested from the Digha Mosque of Kurji area of Patna, the capital of Bihar. They are said to have come from China, Italy and Iran.

The big question is how these foreigners entered Patna at the time of a nationwide lockdown. Who are the people who hid them in the mosque and what was their purpose in coming to India?

These 12 foreign nationals were hiding in the mosque located near Gate No. 74 of Kurji, Patna. When the people of the neighbourhood got information about this, they raised an alarm.

People can be heard saying in this video that these foreigners were brought in to spread the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) among the people of India.

The police took note of the commotion in a while and arrested all the foreign nationals.

According to a UNI report, the police took them to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Patna, for COVID tests. Police say these Chinese, Italians and Iranians reached Delhi via Kyrgyzstan and then moved to Patna in the morning of 23 March.

The foreigners have been moved to isolation wards for some time as per the Bihar health department.

The Janata Curfew that Prime Minister had appealed for is practically still on in Patna and several other cities of Bihar. Patna reported its first death of COVID, which Sirf News had reported at length on Sunday. The dead man, Saif Ali, had recently travelled to Qatar. When he came back, while he was tested, he was not isolated initially. The test showing he was infected arrived after his death. Chances are high, he spread the disease among his contacts in several cities.

The Bihar government has issued an order to shut down the cities of Bihar and keep them closed till 31 March. Patna reported two more COVID-positive cases on Sunday.

However, bus terminuses have reported heavy crowds and buses are seen with people on the roofs rushing to their respective villages.

Additional image for the report "Mosque houses Chinese, Iranians, Italians trying to spread COVID in India"
Muzaffarpur Bus Terminus


  1. These foreigners are came here to learn about their religion not to hurt or spread any kind of disease. So stop saying anything bullshit about them. See their faces if they were wrong they would be scared.They stay in masjid which is called qayam and they came in jamat. It is a part of jamat that they have to stay in masjid. They are practicing their religion in masjid so whats wrong every religion practice their thing in religious place.And they were not hiding just clear your mind they came in front of everyone. Everytime jamat goes like that way only. All over the world jamats are going on in similar way. Respect every religion.Dont hurt anyone sentiment. Dont create a war. If some one is doing wrong or hurting others sentiments then take a severe action if he or she is of any religion. If someone is not saying anything to you then dont take advantage of their innocense or abuse them you dont have any right. Please dont spread hatred. I request to all indians.

    • That is the most terrible kind of defence of the crime that one could have offered. I guess Muslims wouldn’t find a place holier than Mecca. So, why did they dump the Ka’abah and choose Patna? Would you advise Christians to flock to the Vatican City or Bethlehem now? What about respect for the international lockdown amid a raging pandemic? Why were foreigners only from coronavirus-infested countries picked for this so-called pilgrimage?

      Of course, it is hurting others. And it is not hurting mere sentiments. Once a Muslim gets infected, he will not infect merely other Muslims in his family, relations and neighbourhood but also all others they come in contact with. This post does not promote hatred. It sensitises people to a danger lurking in their midst.

      • Yeah u r right there is no place much holier than mecca…jst check on google what exactly jamat do by visiting different places then you will let this know… There is no wrong purpose… As you know most of the muslims dont offer namaz which is very much important in muslim cummunity… They meet them and tell them to offer the namaz… Respect others… Help others.. Respect their parents… and much more thing which is good for all humanity…. As you told about lockdown… I want to tell they came on january…. That time there was no issue of this corona and all…. And also want to tell you… They were not roaming that time… They were in masjid… Not outside…. They were following the rules of govt… They were not roaming here and there…. Last thing check already done… No one was infected due to corona as your kind information.. Respect every religion…this is the beauty of our country.

        • You’re wrong. The coronavirus outbreak was reported from China in December 2019. It was because the virus emerged in 2019 (in Wuhan) that it is called the novel coronavirus disease 2019: COVID-19 in short. And your assertion that these foreigners came in January needs proof. All news agencies and mediums reported the incident the day Sirf News reported it.

          • It was reported in china not in india….And u are also wrong… Because you are assuming them by bad vision… First check and then tell… Do you any proof that they are the reasons for spreading virus. Police have leaved them clean chit you understood or not. Beacause they are innocent.

    • Any thing is possible.. Cut this jokers to pieces.. There is no discussion about religion.. In India, what the government decisions are final.. Anybody breching it should be shot dead..

      • Govt decisions are final right….did you know when did they came… They came on january at that time there was no issue of corona…. And bro they were in the masjids… They were not roaming anywhere…. They were following govt rules……. Govt have released them as there was no infected due to corona …so plz stop… Dont make a issue without knowing anything…i beg u dont spread hatred

      • They came to india in the month of january…. Govt have released them as no one was infected due to corona…. They are staying in masjid and not roaming here and there… They are following rules of govt… So i request you brothers dont listen to this fake medias… They fill the venom in your heart… If you dont beleive me then u can check…i request to check the whole story of these foreigners.

  2. Nizamuddin religious congregation has put life of so many innocent people at risk. People who attended should come forward and declare to the state health authorities-half of them gone missing and untraceable now.

    It’s not about Hindu, Christian or Muslim – it’s about whether you are a individual with conscience and respect life of others. Even animals and birds exhibit social responsibility-only so called humans lack these essential traits.

  3. So simple, they don’t know where they are and for which land they belong to. Spoiling grand old highly sophisticated civilization through conversion. School of thoughts that evolved in Turkey is practiced. Now whole world knows entire globe was under vedic civilization and west and europe have already started accepting. The cowards still want to convert taking money. Learn who were your great great grand fathers, what happened with them, why it happened. How cruelly they were treated and forcefully converted them. I am also a refugee because of moguls.

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