Wednesday 2 December 2020
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दलित विधवा को फँसाने की कोशिश में मुसलमान युवक नाकाम

विधवा ने प्यार करने से इनकार कर दिया, तो युवक ने उसे शादी करने का प्रलोभन दिया। महिला युवक के जाल में फंस गयी। इसके बाद 15 नवंबर को युवक इस विधवा के घर पहुंच गया

Sibal asks whether Congress is now used to rout in elections

In the scathing interview, Kapil Sibal has said, “We are yet to hear from the INC party their views on our recent performance in Bihar and in the by-elections

Nitish Kumar to be sworn-in as Bihar CM tomorrow

Even as the NDA legislature party decided to retain the chief minister, his deputy, Sushil Kumar Modi, may have to give way to a Dalit leader

NDA meets to choose its leader in Bihar

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) leaders will meet at 12.30pm on Sunday to formally choose its leader in Bihar, chief minister Nitish Kumar said....

Bihar challenge met, BJP eyes Bengal

However, the Bihar impact is sure to reflect in Bengal as the state is home to many Biharis, who have lived in the states for generations

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