Thursday 26 May 2022
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Toolkit again? ‘Disparate’ handles suddenly start voicing concern for Indian Muslims

As Greta Thunberg and Rihanna had done in January-February 2021, another gang has sprung into action on Twitter to defame India, claiming Muslims are being persecuted in the country

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Reminiscent of the tweets from rent-a-cause activist Greta Thunberg and pop Rihanna during the riot by Sikhs from Punjab on 26 January 2021, suddenly a whole lot of tweets surfaced today, from handles as varied as a footballer’s and Salman Rushdie’s former wife, expressing concern of the ‘plight’ of Muslims in India. Audio medium Earshot‘s Editor-in-Chief Abhijit Majumder quoted a tweet from a footballer Mesut Özil while the author of Temple Economics, Sandeep Singh, quoted Padma Lakshmi, wherein Özil and Lakshmi are apparently not connected but are indulging in similar political messaging.

Soon, BJP’s Suresh Nakhua shared his apprehension that a toolkit was making mutually unconnected people raise identical concerns.

What is toolkit?

Toolkit is an old practice of Twitter managers who make groups in mediums such as Google, WhatsApp, Telegram etc, adding hundreds of people, and tell all members to begin tweeting some pre-scripted content, in a bid to make them trend on the micro-blogging site, with the hope that it would make authorities believe it is a widely shared concern and also set a national or even global narrative.

Greta Thunberg perhaps had no idea that the exercise is supposed to remain backstage. Even after her indiscretion made it public that people the world over were tweeting about the farmers’ agitation in India with little or no knowledge of the issue, the activist shared in February 2021 an “updated toolkit” after deleting the previous one that had exposed the international propaganda.

The 6-page document shared by the Swede had been in circulation since early January last year. It asked, “Will you be part of the largest protest in human history? To stand up against India’s failing democracy (at the behest of the fascistic ruling party, RSS-BJP) To stand up against unregulated corporatisation of the farming sector.”

Within three days of the repeat stupidity by Thunberg, Canada-based Poetic Justice Foundation (PFJ), which had come under the scanner for its alleged involvement in creating a ‘toolkit’ which was tweeted and later deleted by the environment activist, issued a statement denying claims that it had paid money to pop star Rihanna or any other celebrities for supporting farmers’ agitation in India.

The denial came after the toolkit in question was whitewashed to remove all references to planning for a showdown on India’s Republic Day, which had been done meticulously and at scale, in an effort to shame and circle India on the global stage.

Shaming India appears the motive today again, as the verified, blue-ticked sources are geographically far removed from the country in question but they are posing like experts on Indian affairs. It is possible that Arfa Khanum Sherwani of the left’s propaganda website The Wire is a part of the racket.

Globally, mainstream media outlets like The Guardian and The Times appear to be members of the gang.

The suspected toolkit-generated hoax comes days after Muslims attacked Hindu processions in different parts of the country, beginning with at attack in Rajasthan on a Nav Samvatsar procession and followed by attacks on Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti shobhayatras in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and other parts of the country. When the BJP-ruled civil administrations found that the rioters were living — or doing business — on encroached land, the illegal properties were razed. This led to a cry of persecution by Muslims supported by communists.

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