Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Tag: Tamil Nadu

Tax raids on MK Stalin’s son-in-law Sabareesan

The income tax raids on properties of DMK strategist Sabareesan and strongman EV Velu's house show BJP's 'vendetta', the opposition alleges

BJP In Modi 2.0 Upsets The Apple Cart

It looks increasingly like the BJP is settling in for decades to come, and the opposition must play backstage, instigating agitationists

Sadhguru escalates Hindu temple freedom movement

Sadhguru has launched a missed-call campaign, urging the Tamil people to dial 83000 83000 to register their support towards the cause of freeing temples

DMK manifesto promises to abolish NEET, slash fuel prices

If the DMK-led alliance comes to power in the southern state, it will ensure preference is given to first-generation graduates in government jobs
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