Friday 21 January 2022
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Tag: amendment

Motor Vehicles Act amendment ends colonial legacy

The pedestrians being hapless Indians, when they with an accident, they found it difficult to get real justice, as the motor vehicles law did not make the British owner share the culpability in the crime

Anti-terror law amendment bill passed in Lok Sabha

Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, Shah asserted anti-terror laws would not be misused and used only to root out terrorism.

RTI Act amendment: BJP says opposition’s concern misplaced

"The RTI Amendment Bill 2019 in no way tends to compromise autonomy or independence of (the) RTI Act 2005," the BJP has asserted.

Sonia: RTI on brink of extinction, govt wants to subvert Act

Sonia Gandhi said it is clear that the present central government sees the RTI Act as a "nuisance" and wants to destroy the status.

Bill to supersede Medical Council of India introduced in LS

IMC (Amendment Bill), 2019, ensure transparency, accountability, and quality in the governance of medical education in the country.

सिक्ख पंथ को अलग मज़हब बनाने को अकाली तत्पर

नई दिल्ली — भारतीय संविधान में सिक्ख पंथ को अलग मज़हब के तौर पर दर्ज करवाने की...

बचपन बचेगा तो देश बढ़ेगा

बच्चे देश और समुदाय का भविष्य, परिवार और माता-पिता की उम्मीदों के चश्म-ओ-चिराग़ और परम्पराओं के दूत...