Saturday 10 December 2022
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IndiaElectionsGujarat election 2022: First opinion poll out

Gujarat election 2022: First opinion poll out

The countdown for the assembly elections in Gujarat has started. To create a wave in favour of the BJP, the party's star campaigners including Prime Minister and Union Home Minister have entered the fray.  The is trying once again to remove BJP from power. Arvind Kejriwal's AAP is in the fray this time as the third player between these two parties.

C Voter has conducted the first opinion poll on the Gujarat election for ABP News.

People surveyed were asked in the opinion poll to guess the tally of all the major parties in the fray, dividing the 182 assembly constituencies in Gujarat into four regions.

Which party is getting many seats out of the 32 in northern Gujarat?

BJP: 20-24
INC: 8-12
AAP: 0-1
Others: 0-1

What will be the tallies in southern Gujarat that has 35 seats?

BJP: 27-31
INC: 03-07
AAP: 0-2
Others: 0-1

What about Saurashtra with 54 seats?

BJP: 38-42
INC: 11-15
AAP: 0-1
Others: 0-2

Who is getting how many seats in central Gujarat that has 61 seats?

BJP: 46-50
INC: 10-14
AAP: 0-1
Others: 0-2

Out of a total of 182 seats in the state

BJP: 135-143
INC: 36-44
AAP: 0-2
Others: 0-3

The figures of this opinion poll conducted by C Voter for ABP News are predicting the return of BJP in Gujarat. The BJP had won 99 seats in the 2017 election, somehow scraping past the majority mark of 91 seats.

The BJP seems to be getting more seats this time than last time whereas the INC's tally is falling, as it had won 77 seats in 2017. In the opinion polls, the is expected to lose more than 30 seats this time.

For all its tall claims during the campaign, Kejriwal and his AAP do not seem to attract the voters of Gujarat.

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