Monday 25 October 2021
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Tag: technology

Amazon, Google, Facebook decry French digital tax as unjust

For Amazon, where France represents the second largest European market for e-commerce, the levy "creates a double taxation," said Peter Hiltz, Director of tax planning for the online retail giant

Airtel to stop 3G service; network in Kolkata first to go

has been making losses for some time; the company had had a net loss of Rs 2,866 crore in the first quarter of the current

Technology security system: China’s answer to US action on Huawei

The initiative, expected to protect Chinese high-tech enterprises, will provide the legal basis for technology exports management

With DNA Bill passed in Lok Sabha, forensic technology getting legal sanction

New Delhi: The Bill that provides for regulation of use and of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) technology...

Revolutionary Stretchable, Self-healing, Biodegradable Smart Skin

Human beings fall, get burnt and get injured and undergo surgeries. The resulting wounds are known by...

Mobile apps that can save your life

New Delhi: The world as we know it has undergone phenomenal changes in the last few decades. It’s...