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PoK, which India wants back, neither pampered nor azad

Pakistan never gave PoK, the area it annexed in October 1947 which Foreign Minister S Jaishankar resolved to get back, anything beyond a vacuous adjective 'Azad': no India-style pampering with Article 370 or heavily subsidised living

Jaishankar: US appreciates our position, Pakistan incorrigible

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar was giving an account of the work his department had done in the first 100 days of Modi 2.0

Amarinder grieves as 18 killed in Punjab factory blast

Amarinder Singh expressed shock over the loss of life in the incident as eighteen people were killed in a blast at a firecracker factory in Batala

Sikh girl’s forced conversion in Pakistan: Amarinder moves Centre

The Sikh family of the girl, seeking Pakistan PM Imran Khan's help, has claimed that she was abducted and forcibly converted to Islam.

NRC in Assam India’s internal matter: Jaishankar in Dhaka

Jaishankar in a joint press conference with Momen said that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam is India's "internal matter"

China is attempting to equate Kashmir’s terrorists with Hong Kong’s pro-democracy...

China wants that, in return of their reduced belligerence on Kashmir, India does not raise the heat on Hong Kong: SC lawyer Amitabh Sinha

Jaishankar: India, China should respect core concerns

"Our relationship is so big that it is no longer a bilateral relationship. It has global dimensions," the report quoted Jaishankar

China calls on India, Pakistan to resolve disputes through talks

Qureshi would meet State Counsellor and Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi and other Chinese leaders, visit was arranged in a very short time

मोदी सरकार ने इस तरह किया पाकिस्तानी मनसूबा नाकाम

धारा 370 और धारा 35A के हटने से कश्मीर में पंडित वापस आ पाएंगे, हिन्दू बस पाएंगे और आतंकवादियों को मिल रहे स्थानीय मुसलमानों की मदद कम हो जाएगी; आगे भारत सीमा और एलओसी पर अपनी सतर्कता केन्द्रित कर पाएगा

Jaishankar: Addressing issues of Indians abroad earnestly

S Jaishankar said that cases concerning issues of Indians living abroad are systematically registered and monitored on the MADAD portal.