Sunday 16 January 2022
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Tag: penalty

Competition Commission slaps Rs 14 cr fine on Jaiprakash Associates

Under the Competition Act, complaints filed under a certain section cannot be withdrawn.

Google doesn’t agree its business practices are unfair, but CCI has a strong case against it

New Delhi: Google has filed an appeal against the Competition Commission's ruling which imposed Rs 136 crore...

Securities scam: Ketan Parekh sentenced to 3 years in jail

Mumbai: A special court today convicted Ketan Parekh and his relative in a securities scam for violating...

लालू की बेटी मीसा पर आयकर का जुर्माना

नई दिल्ली — राजद प्रमुख लालू यादव की बड़ी बेटी सांसद मीसा भारती मंगलवार को एक हजार...

Reward for cleanliness, penalty for littering

Cleanliness to be institutionalised; expect incentives for it and penalties for littering soon. New Delhi —...