Friday 21 January 2022
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Tag: land

दिल्ली में अनधिकृत क़ब्रों, मज़ारों के ज़रिए ज़मीन जिहाद

दिल्ली में ज़मीन हथियाने के लिए वक्फ़ बोर्ड के लोग व अन्य मुसलमान जगह-जगह क़ब्रें और मज़ारें बनवा रहे हैं; कहीं चुपके-चुपके तो कहीं खुल्लमखुल्ला

Sonbhadra funerals see villagers-officials standoff the day after

A day after the shootout over a piece of land in Sonbhadra district that killed 10 people, the villagers there were locked in a standoff.

Yogi sarkar hits Uttar Pradesh’s feudal mindset: No land for MLAs

Replying to Mohammad Aslam Raini of the BSP in the Assembly, ministers of Yogi Adityanath government said the priority of the government is to provide land to poor and homeless and it is not considering allotting land to legislators

How Bhupinder Singh Hooda in nexus with private builders cheated landowners: A CBI case

The Bhupinder Singh Hooda government acquired land purportedly for the poor but entered a criminal conspiracy with private builders to cheat the landowners, alleges CBI. Land, sold at throwaway prices out of panic when notified by the Haryana government, was exploited by builders