Tuesday 24 November 2020
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IIT की प्रवेश परीक्षा MIT से भी कठिन, JEE टॉपर ने कहा

MIT प्रत्येक व्यक्ति का उसके व्यक्तित्व के आधार पर आंकलन करता है और उसे उपलब्ध अवसरों से लाभ उठाने के आधार पर तोलता है; IIT के मापदंड अलग हैं

Anand Kumar of Super 30 fame in the dock or saved again?

While the Gauhati High Court says it cannot ascertain the veracity of the case against Anand Kumar from there, media archives do not spare him

Sanskrit most usable, scientific language: Nishank

Talking effusively about Sanskrit, the country's rich history and culture, the minister described river Ganga as "our mother and life," and said India's conscience is deeply ingrained with science and knowledge

Lab-grown meat: Innovation by IIT-Guwahati researchers

Lab-grown meat will open new vistas towards cruelty-free food thereby saving the environment as well as the animals, said Dr Biman B Mandal of IIT-Guwahati

IIT-Mandi developing technology to convert heat into electricity

The IIT professor noted that in the Western world, many automobile companies, including Volkswagen, VOLVO, Ford and BMW are developing thermoelectric waste heat recovery systems that promise 3-5% improvements in fuel economy

IITs have no more vacancy in 2019: HRD Ministry

This is the first time ever to fill all seats in all IITs leaving no vacant seats which has been achieved by proactive cooperation of all IITs: HRD higher education secretary R Subrahmanyam

Roads: IIT Hyderabad develops model for their longevity

The design of pavement is the first and essential step towards building roads, said researchers at the Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Hyderabad

Microbes as old as life on earth discovered in India

While the Modi dispensation has invited ridicule for forcing nationalism into science, this research of Deccan Trap rocks that ended up discovering the oldest microbes was ordered by this very government

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