Wednesday 23 June 2021
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Tag: Germany

India’s coronavirus crisis intensifies as nations pledge aid

India's new coronavirus infections hit a record peak for a fifth day on Monday as countries including Britain, Germany, and the United States pledged to send...

ऑक्सिजन जर्मनी से — 23 प्लांट एयरलिफ्ट कर रहा है रक्षा मंत्रालय

अधिकारियों ने बताया कि हर जर्मन प्लांट की क्षमता 40 लीटर ऑक्सिजन प्रति मिनट और 2,400 लीटर ऑक्सिजन प्रति घंटा उत्पादन करने की है

SFJ demands liberation of Punjab, sanctions against India

The agenda of pro-Khalistan radical outfit SFJ is out in the open after the group released a new video today, demanding liberation of Punjab

Twitter will remain high-handed in dealings with ideological adversaries, Jack Dorsey suggests

Project Veritas shared a recording where Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is heard saying that the site's way of dealing with Republicans was not an aberration but a norm that will now be policy

Germany prefers India to China in new Pacific strategy

Germany's new India-Pacific approach takes a tough stand on China, including criticism of the huge debt burden of countries participating in BRI
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