Sunday 4 December 2022
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Electricity 24×7, bill with corona-rebate

Under the lockdown-period policy, the power generation companies will not charge the discoms while the discoms will not charge you for electricity consumption

Budget 2020-21: 10 big takeaways for businesses, individuals

The average Indian citizen should be happy with this budget not only because it is less taxing but also because he gets to benefit indirectly from the boost to businesses

Modi to rioters: Ask yourselves if your path is right

Does public property not work for their children, PM Modi said, referring to the people who turned vandals in the name of democratic protests

Elephants endangering humans, biz of Chhattisgarh discom

While elephants kill 2 people on an average in Chhattisgarh every week, the herds have also cost the State discom Rs 1,674 crore in 18 years

मंदी — अगस्त में आठ प्रमुख उद्योगों का उत्पादन 0.5% घटा

आंकड़ों पर टिप्पणी करते हुए रेटिंग फर्म इक्रा (ICRA) ने कहा कि अगस्त 2019 में कोर सेक्टरों का प्रदर्शन निराशाजनक रूप से कमज़ोर था

This chip converts wasted heat into electricity

The method, described in Nature Nanotechnology, uses a silicon chip called 'device' that converts more thermal radiation into electricity

Online payment of bills increases four-fold in rural and semi-urban India

The total value of CSC transactions that include banking, PAN and passport applications, insurance policies, IRCTC tickets, air and bus purchases, electricity and water bills and mobile recharges since 2014 is Rs 64,400 crore

India doing ‘extremely well’ on electrification: World Bank

New Delhi: India is doing "extremely well" on electrification with nearly 85% of the country's population having access to electricity, the World Bank has...

India Electrified: Let’s Not Be Bad Conductors

The news of electrification of 18,452 villages out of 5,97,464 that had stayed dark till 2015 has been met with some compulsive criticism from the opposition...