Wednesday 23 June 2021
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Tag: Air India

Air India can either be sold or shut down: Puri

The choice isn’t between disinvestment and non-disinvestment but between disinvestment and closing down Air India, said the union civil aviation minister

Air India announces 50% concession for senior citizens

As per the Air India official website, the national carrier has put up a criterion in which only the matching people would be allowed to avail of the offer

Tata wishes to re-own Air India, suggests EoI

After usurping Tata Airlines, the Indian state through a law of 1953 had given it a monopoly to on domestic routes, banning private operators

News ख़बर podcast, 14 December 2020

News in the morning of 14 December recorded in the voice of Editor-in-Chief Surajit Dasgupta: most reports were gathered the previous night
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