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Why Sirf News

We started this media venture with a resolve to offer our readers, listeners and viewers content they were not getting from mainstream media: Truth not coloured by political correctness. We waited for a while as some alternatives arrived. But with dismay, we observed that the wannabe substitutes were merely reacting to the news supplied by conventional journalists; they did not have reporters of their own. As a result, the agenda kept being set by the old guard.

Reporting a must

To know first hand what is happening in different parts of the country (at least one in every state of India and 15-20 to cover the union ministries, national political parties and institutions) and the world (at least one in the capital of every important country), we need to have reporters posted in all those locations.

Training and support

Since mass communication schools teach journalism in a certain way that maintains the status quo, we need to spend on fresh training of our recruits, too. Other costs involve the salaries of desk staff (from sub-editors up to the chief editor), server fee, agencies' charges and office maintenance.

Price of freedom

To protect our independence, we do not seek fund from the government or the corporate sector. The choice, therefore, is only you. Please help us stay in the business of serving you unadulterated information and well-informed opinions.

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