Sunday 24 January 2021
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Ayushman Bhava Bharata

Ayushman Bharat or the National Health Protection Scheme can prove a game changer in the health sector of India, entailing welfare as well as...

Welcome The PadMan

Sensitising menstruating women and their kin to the necessity of sanitary napkins is much needed in the poorly resourced, uninformed sections of society; the...

Will Budget 2018 Pay Off?

The gambit will pay off in 2019, provided those benefited by this Budget stay grateful for another year and three months, and the middle...

Propaganda Succeeds

If India's contrarians were not renegades, if their works were research-backed for the sake of credibility — if not for the sake of the nation,...

Economic Survey: Are We Underrating Modi?

Amid otherwise promising data released by the Economic Survey, the farmer is unhappy and so may be the poor; the survey may not say the middle class is not excited either, but Narendra Modi-Arun Jaitley’s incremental approach to reforms does not let citizens feel the difference

Kasganj Cautions

Kasganj is only an episode in the series of Muslim triggers followed by others’ retaliation; neither the fear of law nor that of retribution,...

#MeToo With A Difference

Everybody has faced indecent proposals at work; let's celebrate those who refused to oblige at the expense of their careers The case of Sandeep Rehal...

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