Wednesday 30 November 2022
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PoliticsSocial MediaYouTube attacks Hindus again: SabLokTantra banned

YouTube attacks Hindus again: SabLokTantra banned

A gang reported two videos of the channel for so-called hate speech and urged YouTube to uphold its dubious community standards; the medium readily obliged

Continuing with its leftist, jihadi and woke policy, YouTube has banned the popular channel SabLokTantra, run by social activist Rachit Kaushik, for a week. Known for dealing with current affairs by employing satire, SabLokTantra, with follower strength of 7,86,000, was proscribed for commenting on the scourge of love jihad — the Islamic design of proliferating by waylaying non-Muslim, especially Hindu, girls — in a video and on the political situation in Uttar Pradesh in the light of the BJP’s sweeping victory at the zila parishad chairmen’s election.

On 30 June, SabLokTantra commented sarcastically on an upcoming film of Farhan Akhtar, Toofaan, where, as is the wont of Bollywood, once again a Muslim man — an urchin at that — has been coupled with a Hindu woman (who happens to be a doctor). Kaushik questioned in the video how come such inter-faith pairing in one ‘Urdu’ film after another depicts the man as Muslim and the woman as Hindu. He asks why a film cannot have a Ram Prasad as the male lead, romancing an Ayesha.

On 4 July, while explaining the UP zila parishad polls, SabLokTantra pointed out how this was linked to Hindu interests too, as right before the election, there was a spate of reports peddling news of Hindu intolerance and even ‘corruption’. The land transfer for Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya was questioned. A rivalry between two Muslim men over the inefficacy of an amulet was projected as mob justice by Hindus.

And finally, citing Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Kaushik says that it is strange that every victory of the BJP is attributed to tampered EVM units or rigging by a BJP administration whereas the Samajwadi Party’s victory is touted as a result of their workers’ dedication.

As it happens often on YouTube, a gang of Muslims reported both the videos for so-called hate speech in the name of upholding the medium’s dubious community standards. Expectedly, YouTube obliged, banning SabLokTantra.

Rachit Kaushik

In the meantime, Kaushik has been posting his videos on the channel Truth & Dare run by another social activist (also a software whizkid, gamer and commentator on history), Saurabh Pratap Ojha.

If YouTube’s official stand is to go by, the medium’s Terms of Service prohibit the posting of videos that violate copyrights or depict pornography, illegal acts, gratuitous violence, or hate speech. User-posted videos that violate such terms may be removed and replaced with a message stating: “This video is no longer available because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service”. Additionally, Google reserves the right to terminate any account for any reason, with or without notice.

However, not all countries are impressed by these rules. China, Iran, Syria and Turkmenistan — that is both communists and Islamists — do not allow YouTube to operate in their territories. The Google company had a copyright dispute even with Germany until the two sides resolved the issue in 2016.

Not only the Islamic Republic of Bangladesh but also a democratic Brazil and even free speech utopia Denmark and banned YouTube at different points in time.

In India, YouTube has been notorious for banning channels that promote Hindu interest. When no hate speech can be located, plain news reports showing illegal actions of Muslims are pulled down. Sirf News‘s channel was banned on three occasions, out of which there was one instance where the ban was lifted: A video showing Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and then AAP activist Kumar Vishwas making gestures suggesting that a farmer from Rajasthan had committed suicide while the party’s demonstration at Jantar Mantar was going on.

On another occasion, a video showing Israelis shouting anti-Arab slogans was pulled down. On the third occasion, a video — sent to the channel by a reporter — showing a huge assembly of Muslims violating the Covid-19 lockdown in Patparganj of Delhi in 2020, was struck down.

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