Saturday 21 May 2022
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Yogi raises love jihad, cow smuggling issues at Bengal rally

The Uttar Pradesh chief minister was addressing a rally in Malda, West Bengal, ahead of the 2021 assembly election

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BJP’s star campaigner and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today targeted the Mamata Banerjee government over cow smuggling and love jihad at an election rally. He said the government was unable to stop cow smuggling and love jihad due to “appeasement politics” in the state.

Love jihad is happening in West Bengal, Yogi said. “We made a law in Uttar Pradesh. But there is appeasement politics here. So the government is unable to stop cow smuggling and love jihad — dangerous activities that will show results in the to come,” Yogi Adityanath was quoted by news agency ANI as saying.

Yogi Adityanath was addressing a rally in Muslim-dominated Malda, West Bengal, ahead of the 2021 assembly election.

Yogi Adityanath said, “Durga puja gets prohibited in Bengal today, cow slaughter is forcefully started during Eid. People’s sentiments are toyed with through cow smuggling, but the government remains silent. Now it’s attempted to ban slogan of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ and attacks are executed,” said.

Hitting out at West Bengal Chief Minister Banerjee and her party the Trinamool Congress (AITC), Yogi said, “I’d like to tell the Bengal government and request Mamata didi that there was a government in UP that used to fire bullets at lord Ram devotees in Ayodhya. You can see the condition of that government now. Now it’s the TMC government’s turn in Bengal.”

“The national leadership of the BJP and every worker of the party has come here to connect to the Bengali brothers and sisters to re-establish the identity of Bengal and carry forward a new change through this,” Yogi said.

Tagetting the AITC-ruled government in West Bengal, Yogi Adityantha said, “West Bengal has always been a land of cultural nationalism in India. It has been the land of the revolution for India’s freedom struggle. Today, it hurts us, the entire country, when we see an environment of anarchy here.”

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