Monday 5 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaYogi ends civic taxes on temples, mutts, monasteries, trusts

Yogi ends civic taxes on temples, mutts, monasteries, trusts

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath asked civic officials in Ayodhya to not only ensure better security arrangements but also behave cordially with the devotees

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today instructed civic bodies including the Municipal Corporation officials not to charge house tax and water tax at commercial rates from the temples, maths, dharmashalas and religious organisations in the state. The chief minister, who has returned to power for a consecutive term for the first time in 37 years of the history of Uttar Pradesh’s assembly, reached for the first time after his coronation when his body language showed a sense of gratitude.

Yogi expressed his gratitude by way of this announcement to make the religious trusts free from the collection of house tax and water tax at the commercial rate in addition to monasteries and dharmashalas.

The chief minister held a divisional review meeting in today. Reaching Ayodhya in the run-up to the Ram Navami Mela, Yogi reviewed the preparations for the fair.

During the meeting at the central fair control room set up at the International Ramkatha Museum, he told officials of the Municipal Corporation that the monasteries and religious trusts were rendering yeoman public service and so must not be taxed the way they have been until now. He ordered the officers to send a proposal to this effect to the urban development department of Uttar Pradesh and get it approved.

Yogi said that this was the first Ram Navami fair after the Covid-19 began subsiding and also after the Bhoomi Pujan. “Make preparations with full grandeur,” the chief minister said, enthusing the officials.

The chief minister said that such an enchanting environment should be created here that devotion fills the atmosphere and when devotees return home, their experience remains forever fresh in their memories.

Yogi gave a clear instruction that during the main festival of Ram Navami Mela, no official of administration or VIP should visit the main venue on ashtami (Saturday, 9 April) and navami (Sunday, 10 April). He told officials, “If it is necessary to do so, travel normally without privileges.”

The chief minister asked the officials to not only ensure better security arrangements but also behave cordially with the devotees. Yogi congratulated all the people of the state on Nav Samvatsar 2079. “It is expected that Indians will celebrate the New Year festival well and ensure everyone’s participation,” he added.

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