Saturday 21 May 2022
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Yogi Adityanath takes leave 1st time in 5 years to meet family

It was an emotional homecoming for Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who could not be with family even after his father's death during the first Covid wave

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Good times have finally returned to the family of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who had been in mourning due to the death of his father two years ago. Yogi reached home and touched his mother’s feet today, as the emotional family observed Akshaya Tritiya.

The chief minister could not go home when his father died during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020. “I had the ardent wish to get a glimpse of him at the final moment. However, following a sense of duty towards the state’s 23 crore people during the Covid-19 pandemic, I could not do so,” the chief minister had said in a statement.

Yogi’s nephew, the son of the youngest brother Mahendra Singh Bisht, will be tonsured tomorrow. will spend the first night at home with family after becoming the chief minister of the largest state in terms of the number of Vidhan Sabha seats (Rajasthan is the largest Indian state in terms of land area).

Born in Pauri’s Panchur village, went to school in Chamkotkhal, where he studied from 1 to Class 9. Chamkotkhal is close to Yamkeshwar, where the chief minister unveiled a statue of his spiritual guru Mahant Avaidyanath at a college today. After the programme, he left for Panchur.

In his address at the function, he said he felt proud while unveiling the statue of his spiritual guru at the place where he was born but could not visit it after 1940. Yogi honoured his school teachers by offering them each a shawl at the function and remembered those who were no more.

The youngest brother in the family, Mahendra Bisht, is working in the Mahayogi Guru Gorakshanath Government College, Bithyani, established by who reached his village in Uttrakhand to attend the tonsuring ceremony of Anant, Mahendra Bisht’s son. After the ceremony at Bithyani Degree College at 5:30 PM, he reached home situated about a kilometre away.

On his way to the village from Bithyani, Yogi halted at Thangar Primary School for some time. From there, the road to his home could be traversed only on foot. Tucked behind thickly-forested hills in the Pauri district, the village is barely visible from a distance on normal days, but it shimmered in soft light on the occasion of the visit of its most worthy son.

Yogi attended the Nyuter ceremony in the evening, during which he talked to all his relatives and acquaintances.

At night, the family received Yogi in the courtyard of the Bisht family amid the rhythm of drums. On Wednesday, a banquet has been organised for the villagers, which Yogi will attend.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, Minister Dhan Singh Rawat, MLA Renu Bisht, senior chief Dinesh Bhatt, BJP district president Sampat Rawat, the district magistrate and SSP Pauri and other dignitaries accompanied Chief Minister to the house. stopped BJP workers who were accompanying the VIPs at a distance from the house. The drummers and Mashkabeen players continued to play their instruments for a long time.

After visiting his village, Yogi tweeted a picture in which he is seen touching his mother’s feet for her blessings.

The have tightened the security of his village. Only authorised guests are allowed to go within a 100 m radius around the house of the Bishts. Internal security has been handed over to the NSG commandos. The traffic on the Laxmanjhula-Kandi-Dugadda motorway continues to be normal.

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