Friday 27 May 2022
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Yediyurappa, inspired by Yogi, to seek damages from rioters

INC's UT Khadar objected to the statements of R Ashoka and CT Ravi, saying the Yediyurappa government should focus on maintaining peace

Learning from the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh, the government of Karnataka will now compensate for the loss of government property from damages extracted from the rioters who had first posed as demonstrators and then turned violent to protest against the amended citizenship law (CAA). The held ‘protests’ in against the CAA on 19 December in Karnataka, after which they destroyed public property and attacked the police.

Revenue Minister R Ashoka said on Thursday that the state government would take a decision soon. Demonstrators had gone rogue and started robbing arms at the North Police Station last week, after which the police were forced to shoot. Two ‘protesters’ were killed in the firing. The Yediyurappa government has announced compensation to the families of the deceased.

Uttar Pradesh is the only state so far that has started the recovery process by sending notices to rioters. The Yogi government has issued notices to about 130 people who have been asked to pay Rs 50 lakh in all. If an accused does not pay up, his property will be seized. Detecting the rioters using videos and photographs shot during the incidents of violence, the police are sending notices to those who threw stones, indulged in arson or damaged property otherwise in more than 20 districts of Uttar Pradesh last week.

Hours before Ashoka’s announcement, his colleague CT and party Shobha Karandlaje, following the Uttar Pradesh example, raised the demand for punitive measures against the rioters.

in ​​ said that the so-called demonstrators should be fined for damaging public property. He suggested that the rioters be booked under the Gunda Act.

Former INC minister UT Khadar reacted to these statements, saying that the Yediyurappa government should focus on maintaining peace and order in the state instead of making such statements.

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