Sunday 23 January 2022
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Yediyurappa: Don’t be afraid of COVID, I had it too

Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa in his speech told the people not to worry or be afraid of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Pledging to build a “welfare state” with development as the only mantra, while fighting the pandemic, the chief minister dealt with issues like rain, floods, drought and COVID-19, saying his “reforms” were capable of meeting all these challenges.

Yediyurappa paid tributes to healthcare warriors, the government machinery, private establishments, industrialists and volunteers who have been working relentlessly in these trying times of the global COVID pandemic.

“Our aim is to build a Kalyana Rajya (Welfare state) with the avowed principle of development as the only mantra. While fighting the global pandemic Covid-19, we are taking giant strides towards realizing Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of building a Ram Rajya and will practise Rajadharma in true earnest,” Yediyurappa said.

“Realising the responsibility thrust upon us and keeping in mind the welfare of people in these critical times, we have taken many pro-people decisions, he said. “The people of the state have given complete support to the decisions that my government has taken. I am indebted to all of you,” the chief minister said.

The low-key celebration in the state capital with no school children or people in attendance saw select invitees including elected representatives, officials, also some healthcare workers like medical practitioners, nurses and token staff from government hospitals dedicated to fighting COVID.

Noting that COVID-19 was a global pandemic, Yediyurappa said the global pandemic had affected not just the health sector but also every single industry. The chief minister noted the pace of life, which had slowed during the lockdown, was gradually recovering. “I too was infected by the coronavirus, and I have fully recovered. I would like to send a message on this occasion that the people need not worry or be afraid of this infection,” he said.

Manipal Hospital, where the 77-year-old chief minister had been admitted, discharged him on 10 August after 10 days of treatment, following his recovery from the infection.

Yediyurappa on the economy at length

The chief minister said that with the economic recession, job losses, loss of to the government, and social and economic activities grinding to a halt, people of Karnataka were in distress. “Our government has implemented many schemes and projects to ensure peace, relief and tranquillity in society and help people see a ray of hope in this hour of gloom,” he said.

Yediyurappa said today government had been trying to boost entrepreneurs through the Industrial Facilitation Act. He said the law would greatly improve the ease of doing business and encourage industrial development in the state. “Not just that, we have been encouraging the youth of the state to develop skills.”

The chief minister spoke of simplified rules to purchase agricultural land required for industrial purposes. he said that his government offered an opportunity for both farmers and industrialists to mutually benefit from the direct purchase of land.

Explaining the “big changes” in the co-operative sector, the backbone of the agriculture economy, Yediyurappa said that the state government had made changes to the APMC Act — with an objective to allow farmers to sell their produce at a market of their choice.

Not surprisingly, red tape-loving opposition parties led by the INC and JD(S) and NGO types have been critical of government”s ordinances amending land reforms, APMC and industries related laws, calling them anti-farmer, people and labourers.

About the backward Kalyana Karnataka region, Yediyurappa said airports in Bidar and Kalaburagi had commenced operations to encourage industrial activities in this region.

Work on setting up an airport in Shivamogga has gathered pace, and the government has given administrative approval to launch work on Karwar and Vijayapura airports, the chief minister said.

Observing that agriculture, backward classes and minorities’ welfare were among the priorities of his government, the chief minister said the union government’s Aatmanirbhar Scheme was a “ray of hope for all of us”. “As Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said, Karnataka has been taking bold steps to convert every crisis into an opportunity too,” Yediyurappa said.

Pointing to the talks held with more than 40 prominent companies during the World Economic Forum summit held in Davos, seeking their investment in Karnataka, the chief minister said, later during COVID-19 too we have approved 101 industrial projects worth Rs 27,000 crore at the state level.

Also complementing Prime Minister Modi for the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, Yediyurappa revealed his government’s plans to build a Yatrinivas in Ayodhya for devotees from Karnataka who travel there.

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