Sunday 19 September 2021
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Yechury, D Raja attend Communist Party of China event

BJP MP termed it as unfortunate that Left parties' leaders Yechury and Raja were attending the CCP's centenary event and said that they should be exposed

As though worldwide communist bonhomie, like Islamic brotherhood regardless of national boundaries, were surprising, some communists in the country have come under severe criticism from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for attending a meeting to mark the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CCP). CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury, CPI’s D Raja, Lok Sabha S Senthilkumar and G Devarajan, who is a secretary of the Central Committee of All India Forward Bloc, attended the meeting via video conferencing. The meeting saw the participation of Du Xiaolin, Counselor, International Dept, CCP.

BJP termed it as unfortunate that Left parties’ leaders Yechury and Raja were attending the CCP’s centenary and said that they should be exposed.

“The Left leaders should first decide whether they are with China or the country (India). This is a betrayal… attending the Chinese Communist Party meeting is not in the interest of the nation, it is not beneficial for the people of the country. They should be exposed,” he said.

BJP leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi described it as a matter of ‘shame’. “This is shameful. They shouldn’t forget what China did at the border… The situation is still tense. China helps Pakistan and issues threats. This is not in the national interest and they should stay away from China,” she said.

CPI Member of Parliament Binoy Viswam, however, defended his party colleagues, saying ‘such meetings are common. “I have seen several BJP leaders talking to CCP leaders. Such meetings are very common today. Nothing should be read (from such meetings),” he said.

The Communist Party of China recently celebrated its centenary with a massive colourful show at Tiananmen Square in Beijing earlier this month. President Xi Jinping even addressed the nation on the occasion and asserted that China won’t be bullied by any foreign force.

India and China were locked in a military standoff at multiple friction points in eastern Ladakh since early May last year. However, the two sides completed the withdrawal of troops and weapons from the North and South banks of Pangong lake in February following a series of military and diplomatic talks. The two sides are now engaged in talks to extend the disengagement process to the remaining friction points.

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