Wednesday 8 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaWork on 'Don 3' has begun: Sidhwani

Work on ‘Don 3’ has begun: Sidhwani

Mumbai: Work on the script for the third installment of “Don” franchise, featuring Shah Rukh Khan, has started, producer Ritesh Sidhwani said.

On 23 December, “ 2” completed six years and Sidhwani said the film will happen soon.

“It will happen sooner than you know as we have started working on the script and the story. I think we need to crack the story as the responsibility is more (to get it for the third part). With the next film in ‘Don’ franchise we won’t take that much time, we will make it fast,” he said.

According to Sidhwani, the team would make an official announcement about “ 3” next year.

Farhan Akhtar and Sidhwani’s production company, Excel Entertainment, owns the rights of the Amitabh Bachchan-starrer 1978 film “Don”.

“Don” (2006) and “ 2” (2011) also starred Priyanka Chopra opposite Shah Rukh Khan, who stars in the title role.

Speculations are rife especially over Priyanka’s character, Roma. According to reports, Deepika Padukone’s name had emerged to replace the “Quantico” actor.

When asked if the makers can play around with the central characters, especially that of Priyanka’s, Sidhwani said it is too early to comment.

“… We have not decided what we are going to do with it.

now the film is in idea stage, it needs to come out in the form of story and screenplay. So it is too early to say anything,” he said.

“Last year, had you asked me about it (making ‘ 3’) I would have said, we are not thinking about it. But now we are seriously thinking about it and have started working towards it,” the producer added.

In terms of direction, it is unclear if Farhan will helm the film, who directed the first two installments.

“Let him (Farhan) first write the story. He is definitely writing it and then we have to see if he is excited to direct it,” Sidhwani said.

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