Wednesday 27 January 2021
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Woman who had lost her baby when a Kerala CPM leader kicked her now a BJP candidate

Gen Secy BL Santhosh of the BJP shared the information about the woman, Jyotsna Jose, on Twitter along with a report dated 15 February 2018

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Politics India Woman who had lost her baby when a Kerala CPM leader kicked...

In February 2018, a Communist Party of India (Marxist) local leader Thamby had attacked a woman in a manner that she lost her four-and-a-half months’ old foetus pregnant, lost her child after a CPI (M) leader named Thamby kicked her on her stomach. Jyotsna Jose, the mother to a five-year-old, had to undergo a forced abortion of the second expected baby. While Kodencheri Police did not take any action immediately, they arrested seven men in connection with the case. Today, she is the BJP candidate for the panchayat election in Balussery of Kerala.

Sharing the information, BL Santhosh, a national general secretary of the BJP, wrote on Twitter,

The despotic way in which the CPM runs its administration was evident from the fact that when the family of the woman had approached the taluka office for settlement of the land dispute solved, the authorities took the measurements and divided the plot, but authorities turn helpless when members of the ruling party act in an individual capacity to overturn any decree. In a manner similar to how the CPM used to rule West Bengal for 34 years, especially the years under Jyoti Basu, some men would often encroach on the privacy of the Jose family, threaten and abuse them.

On the day of the incident, mediator Saithalavi went to the family’s house at night along with eight men. The group attacked the woman’s husband and their son. “I called the police but they said they don’t have vehicle to come”, the woman had then told reporters.

When the woman intervened, the mother of one of the men tied her and asked the men to attack her. The woman claimed that two men, one of whom was CPI(M) leader Thamby, attacked her and it was Thamby who kicked her in the belly.

Later, she was taken to the hospital where the doctors told her that there was a blood clot on her placenta due to which she lost her child. Jyotsna Jose “registered complaints in two stations with their names. The police had arrested only one culprit. Those men threatened me in public that they will kill me. Now, CPM leaders are asking me to exclude Thamby from my complaint and they will arrange the arrest of others. But I am firm on my decision, I will go forward till I get justice” the pregnant woman’s husband said in February 2018.

With Jyotsna Jose leaving her original party after the brutal assault on her, joining the BJP in due course and getting nominated by the new party, life has given her a new chance and also a strong medium to seek justice.

The local body elections in Kerala will take place in three phases, on 8, 10 and 14 December. The votes will be counted on 16 December.

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