Wednesday 19 January 2022
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Woman slaps man for prank, gets it back; video goes viral

Earlier, a woman had hit a cab driver in Lucknow and earned kudos from feminists who later scurried for cover on learning the man was a Muslim

Following the infamous Lucknow slap incident, another similar video of a woman slapping a man in the middle of a road has surfaced on social media. At Delhi’s Connaught Place, the woman throws a soft drink at a man to enact a prank for a short video, a craze for the generation. When he confronts her, the two get into a heated argument, following which she asks what he would do if she were to slap him. He says he would slap her back. The woman says, “Would you dare hit a woman?” And then she tries her luck.

Not ready to take the insult, the man slaps the woman back. Meanwhile, a small crowd of onlookers gathers at the spot to see what is going on while some try to intervene.

“Just because you are a woman, you think you can do anything? Do we men have no respect?” the man is heard saying.

“She slapped me thrice. I’m a teacher,” the man told the onlookers. He turns to the woman and says, “Lucknow wala scene na samajhna ise (Don’t you dare believe you will get away with an incident like in Lucknow)!” It seems at this point that the woman is trying to contact someone for help. After a while, she keeps her phone down and apologises.

The video has gone viral on YouTube. Many have commented that the man did the right thing by slapping the woman back.”‘Karara jawab (befitting response)”, wrote a user, reacting to the video.

Some users, of course, doubt the incident is real. They are saying the whole act was scripted.

Three weeks ago in Lucknow, a woman had slapped a taxi driver and earned sympathy from feminists and their cheerleading men when she complained that the man had insulted her. A video of her slapping and another of her complaining, both went viral.

Later on, it turned out that the driver was a Muslim. The feminists, a large chunk of whom are these days also champions of distorted secularism of the Indian kind, were caught in the horns of a dilemma, wondering whether they had hurt sentiments of the politically correct community. Cheering the Lucknow woman and booing the man suddenly stopped when the news of the driver’s religious identity arrived.

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