Monday 27 June 2022
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Woman of Y4D faces fraudulent marriage, files complaint

A young woman has filed a complaint of fraudulent marriage, dowry harassment, domestic violence and cyber crime against a person she claims to be her husband. The person in question, Karthik Sarma, is working with a BPO in Gurgaon.

The woman has filed a complaint with Harinagar Station, charging that Sarma married her at a 6 years ago and promised to undertake a public marriage soon. They lived as man and wife even in Malaysia where they went for professional courses. Recently, Sarma refused to marry her publicly unless she gave him a big dowry, the complainant has alleged.

In the meantime, he underwent a formal engagement with her with a view to pressure her family to give away a big dowry. When they refused the dowry, he refused to acknowledge the relationship and threatened the with complaint and harassment, the woman has alleged in the complaint.

The woman was staying in Gurgaon, but had to leave for Delhi since she feared amidst threats by goons. She, to her horror, had found the police non-cooperative. The police officer over there used objectionable language, she told Nikita Parmar, secretary Youth for Democracy, the youth movement for change.

The organisation has decided to take up the matter at the highest level about her and the fraud. The organisation seeks to keep the pressure on the establishment so that justice is done fast.

Organisation head Surajit Dasgupta decided to arrange for legal help for her when she spoke to him about her plight. The woman is a member of the organisation that is fighting for change. “We are aware of the need to reform the police. Such cases are not rare,” he said.

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Sudesh Verma
Sudesh Verma
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