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Woman dragged by hair, beaten in public glare for refusing salon owner, colleagues sexual favour

The woman had recently joined the salon. When it was time to pay her salary, the owner sought sexual favour. When she refused, he and his friends turned violent


Greater Noida: A disturbing video from Greater Noida, adjacent to Delhi, has gone viral, that shows a woman being beaten a goon who also drags her by the hair mercilessly.

Sirf News is reproducing a few slides from the video along with this report of the incident that occurred in the township neighbouring the national capital. We have been able to ascertain the identity of the but shall not reveal it, adhering to the law of the land and our editorial policy.

According to information received from the police, these pictures are from Knowledge Park 2 of Greater Noida. The feud started after a transaction at a salon between its owner and a female and crossed limits of decency.

According to the complaint of the woman, even before the thrashing began, she had undergone unmitigated torture in the hands of her employer.

The woman has alleged that she was employed by the salon as a make-up artiste on 16 March on a salary of Rs 17,000 per month. On completion of one month, when the asked for her salary, the male employer began to coerce her to get physical with him. Indeed, two of her male colleagues demanded sexual favours from the woman.

Turning them down, the woman said she would leave the job. She asked for a settlement of her account. The salon owner dithered and, for 10 days, kept excusing himself with different alibis.

Then one day, a friend of the owner entered the salon in an inebriated and molested her in a bid to rape her. She screamed for help.

A crowd gathered outside the salon. Not deterred by the people, the salon owner and his friends beat the woman with rods, punched and kicked her. They pulled her by the hair and smashed her on the ground and dragged her along the tarmac of the road.

Then the onlookers intervened and rescued the woman. The woman has filed a police complaint. The police are investigating the case.

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