Saturday 19 June 2021
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Woman claims to have been abducted by aliens 52 times, says she has proof

The woman, who is from Bradford, England, said her first abduction was when she was six years old and that was her first time aboard a UFO

A 50-year-old woman named Paula recently claimed that she has been abducted by aliens 52 times in her life. Paula, who is from Bradford, England said her first abduction was when she was six years old and that was her first time aboard a UFO.

Displaying bruises on her arm, the woman claimed the injuries were proof that she had been abducted and said fearing harsh criticism, she has kept quiet about the incidents her whole life.

The woman said that ‘millions of people’ have had similar encounters, revealing, “There has been some backlash and people calling me “loony”, which isn’t nice by any means, but I can also totally understand why people struggle to believe it if they have never encountered such incidents themselves.”

Proof of alien abduction

Sharing images of bruises on her body, the woman said she’s been on board a UFO several times and doesn’t blame people for not understanding what she has been through.

Paula shared a few images of UFOs she has captured in the distance and said “I have experienced 52 paranormal incidents. Even I can’t believe the stories at times so I’m not surprised when others don’t believe me or the subject.”

Paula's UFO clicks

“There’s no consistency with the experiences – but very few times I can sense something is about to happen, but I don’t know what to expect, it just happens…There’s no warning and I can’t sense anything is going to happen. It just happens,” the woman said.

Her first abduction was in 1982 and described her first encounter saying, “’I recall looking into the darkness whilst my eyes adjusted I could see what looked a boomerang shape with an extra arm on it.”

“Each arm had a light at the end, I recall, three of the lights, one was blue, the other green, but I can not recall the other colour of the light. It was black with a green and blue light on the edges. It was turning clockwise at 1mph in complete silence,” she said.

“I remember trying to run but it felt like the ground was quicksand, like sinking into the ground, then everything went black. Ever since, the experiences haven’t stopped. I’ve been taken from my bedroom window and my bed,” the woman said when asked about her experiences.

Paula said that she tries her best to move on and continue life as normally as possible or else she might go crazy thinking about the experiences she has been through.

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