Wednesday 21 October 2020

Woman attempts self-immolation in front of UP Assembly

The Hindu divorcee from Lucknow married a Muslim who moved to Saudi Arabia while the in-laws of the woman started harassing and torturing her

A woman tried to set herself ablaze before the Assembly of Uttar Pradesh in Lucknow today. The woman doused herself in some inflammable material and set herself afire, She has sustained severe burn injuries.

Sources said the woman was a Hindu divorcee who married a Muslim man. She alleges that the torture that her husband and parents-in-law meted out to her soon after their wedding is now unbearable for her.

As expected, YouTube has censored the video
But we have a copy (compressed)

Once married to Akhilesh Tiwari of Maharajganj in Lucknow, the woman had then divorced him and married Asif who soon moved to Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Asif’s relations allegedly started harassing and torturing her.

Following the incident at the area under Hazratganj police station, the woman is in a critical condition. Police admitted her to a civil hospital.

According to DCP Central Somen Verma, a preliminary enquiry is underway and the matter is under investigation.

The woman is a resident of Maharajganj. While the opposition and media are beating their breasts over the Hathras incident, there is not even a squeak of a protest against the frequent instances of love jihad in Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the country where Muslim men pose as benign characters, often as Hindus, trap Hindu girls and then start torturing them whether or not the women agree to convert to Islam.

Woman duped: Pattern in love jihad

Even today people who have doubts about love jihad or, after learning about so many cases, those who feel all people are all part of the Indian society, they need to look at the pattern in these cases. Following is the modus operandi seen in every other incident of love jihad.

Often in a case of the type, the family of the Muslim man is not financially well off. The youth is either unemployed or is fed up of a series of forgettable jobs he could secure but not sustain for long. However, when they must trap a Hindu girl, they would beg, borrow or steal to look affluent. They would present themselves in good clothes, purchase expensive gifts and, most importantly, when caught, they get professional legal help to wriggle out of the clutches of the judiciary.

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