Sunday 4 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaWill UU Lalit lead judiciary differently?

Will UU Lalit lead judiciary differently?

Looks like he has the intention to! Chief Justice-designate Justice UU Lalit on Friday shared a list of things he intended to do during his 73-day tenure in the country's top judicial post. Justice UU Lalit will take charge tomorrow, 27 August,

Among the three main areas of his concern, Justice UU Lalit said the top priority would make the process of listing simple, clear and transparent as possible. He promised further that a comprehensible regime would be ensured where urgent matters can freely be mentioned before respective courts. The third area of focus of the CJI-designate would be the listing of matters before constitution benches and matters that are specially referred to three-judge benches.

"…We will strive hard to say that yes we will always have at least one Constitution Bench functioning all throughout the year,” the CJI-designate said.

Retiring today, CJI said it was his constitutional duty to dispel the notions that the judiciary was quite distant from the general public and bring the constitution closer to the people by way of generating awareness and building confidence around the judiciary.

"The popular perception was that the judiciary is quite distant from the general public, there are still millions of suppressed people who need judicial help and are apprehensive to approach it in times of need," he said.

The outgoing CJI said that, in spite of fulfilling its constitutional mandate, the judiciary did not find adequate reflection in the media, thereby depriving people of knowledge about the constitution.

CJI Ramana retired after a tenure of nearly eight years at the Supreme Court.

Justice UU Lalit will have a relatively short tenure of over three months as the CJI. He is due to retire on 8 November. He will be the second CJI to have been appointed directly from the bar without serving as a judge of a high court.

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