Sunday 4 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaWhy VCK chief's bid to challenge anti-Hindu image of DMK will fail

Why VCK chief’s bid to challenge anti-Hindu image of DMK will fail

Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) president Tholkappiyan Thirumavalavan on 11 September stressed once again that the appointment of Hindu priests, regardless of their castes, which has been championed by the DMK government, should be defended on the basis that it protects the rights of all Hindus. In a social media post, the VCK chief said the move by the DMK should be referred to as "any Hindu can become a priest" instead of "all castes can become priests".

"We are not saying that anyone from any can become a priest. We are only saying that all Hindus, irrespective of castes, should be able to become priests. This is a protest in favour of Hindus. Yet, we will be portrayed as though we are against Hindus," the VCK chief said.

"There are many strands in and one of the important aspects of the is that it is one of the continuous reformations. This [appointing anyone, irrespective of caste, as priests in the temple] is also a reformation," the VCK chief said.

The statement by the VCK chief is apparently a counter to the criticism that the party ruling Tamil Nadu is anti-Hindu. Explaining Thirumavalavan’s comments, the VCK state assembly floor leader and general secretary, Sinthanai Selvan, said the party wanted equality for Hindus within Hinduism, which has seen several reform movements in its history.

Subramanian Swamy moved the Supreme Court questioning a Tamil Nadu that authorised government control over temples and appointment of non-Brahmins as archakas (priests) after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin had issued an order appointing non-Brahmins as priests in various temples. The state's Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Department had given appointment letters to 208 such priests.

Why VCK chief's assertion can't dispel notion about DMK

The notion that the DMK government is anti-Hindu refuses to go despite the Tamil Nadu chief minister's denial of the accusation time and again. He emphasised his party was not anti-Hindu on 16 November 2021 and 17 February and 10 July this year, but the impression has stuck since the era of his father who used to make disparaging remarks about Hindu icons and faith, misquoting from Kamba Ramayana among other things, and also interfering in rituals with comments disapproving of Sanskrit mantras, like "God may leave Tamil Nadu if He does not understand Tamil".

On 7 September, BJP had filed a police complaint against DMK IT wing head and TRB Rajaa over his "anti-Hindu" post on Twitter. Later, he deleted the post where there was an image of Hindutva ideologue Vinayak Damodar Savarkar on a blackbird hitting a Hindu god.

Although the post had been pulled down by Rajaa, Tamil Nadu BJP leader Amar Prasad Reddy shared the post and the police complaint and said that a police complaint had been registered against the DMK IT head for his Twitter post spreading hatred by "demeaning Lord Mahavishnu and hurting Hindu sentiments".

Four days ago, a Christian DMK corporator — Yesu Rakshagan from Rishivandhiyam near Kallakurichi — had been booked on land grabbing and sexual harassment charges. He tried to usurp the 5 ac land of a fellow Christian and threatened to rape their womenfolk for filing a complaint against him. Yet he roams free even after filing multiple complaints.

Three weeks ago, Tamil Nadu Police had arrested a Hindu activist who called for removing Periyar statues intentionally placed in front of temples. An office bearer of Hindu Munnani, Kanal Kannan, said that only the day when the Periyar statue in front of Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple was broken would be the day of the Hindu uprising.

The DMK government faces a barrage of accusations of being anti-Hindu, of which the above are but a few instances.

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